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  1. I dunno if this is proper to respond here or not, but i think a BIG thing this game is missing is teamwork, the community is nice and all, but still you are all by urself...just a thought, if you have people in a group makes playing much funner , people talk and kill ^_^
  2. Dragons would be kinda cool, but i like monkeys better ...here are a few more ideas i found on the DnD site thing I guess a werewolf? not sure...just looks cool Some kind of undead looking thing... Dragonish thing i found... I dunno what this is but it looks PIMP! Flayer?? Troglodyte Just some ideas maybe, obviously don't rip from these but they are basted off myth chracters, so you can like take it and modify it a tad or something .
  3. Whoa that would soooooooooo kick! I don't think it would be that hard...but i'm no coder >_<
  4. Sorry for double post, but I found this concept a friend of mine drew a long time ago, maybe you could do something like it for the other race...? You could have a lot of different skins for him and maybe liek diff heads as well, just a thought . And there is always the Bird/Man Combo.....so many combos that can go with that, I found this art at a DnD site, you get the idea. Last but not least.........MONKEY MAN!!! I mean comeon who doesn't like monkeys? Why not play as one, here is another DnD concept so you can get the idea
  5. Enemies

    I didn't know if this is considered a suggestion, or art...probably art haha. Anyway I think it would be really cool if you could throw in some more monsters and such, I'm not the best artist of course, but maybe it will get some ideas flowing . you could have the beats/dino kinda thing in some big forest with all these awesome creatures or something, and the snail could be an everyday enemy or like one in a map filled with yuk and slime and webs with like spiders and and stuff as enemies, just some ideas maybe
  6. my friend showed me a great DnD site, I'm going to try and get ideas from that .
  7. yah and cats always intrested me, but thats not going to happen because of another *coughEQcough* mmorpg out there, so we have to think of something else, time to get back to the drawing board!
  8. DOH!!! But still it would be cool, i mean heck there are bad orcs and frogloks in EQ (don't kill me for saying it >_< ). But you can still be one .
  9. personally i would love to play as a......... .........CYCLOPS!!!