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  1. well it was really informative. It had links to what u needed to download, where to install it, etc. As for "it is the same as linux" well what if you don't know how to compile it on linux.
  2. Beam Me Up

    on Dev-cpp File -> New -> Project mark "C Project" and it works
  3. if you where the person that post it or if you have the article around or if you can make another one it will be great if that thread be posted again.
  4. 0 Fps On Linux

    ok i fix it. Thanks for the driver tip. I didn't had a nvidia driver and it make it run slooow with the mesa driver. I just didn't though of it back to 24FPS
  5. Winery + Antisocial

    so know antisocial's cant buy wine? or they still can if they do the quest?
  6. Winery + Antisocial

    So is it hard to code? or you don't want 100's of people winning because they have antisocial and can't buy wine <_< to ember, you can do almost everything with a runner, that isn't the reason...
  7. 0 Fps On Linux

    how silly of me i forgot the video card. I got a nvidia GeForce2 64Mb the el command reports GeForce2 MX/AGP/SSE2 NVIDIA corporation 1.4.1 this is running my windows client. on linux i'm getting mesa GLX Indirect Mesa Project www.mesa3d.org 1.2 (1,4 Mesa 5.0.2) i'll take a look at that webside to see what i can find.
  8. 0 Fps On Linux

    I'm getting 0fps on linux - running slackware 10 - i just downloaded the newest executables. - running the static bin build - i got a P4 2.1Ghz with 512ram so problem is not there - i usually run on windows with at least 10-15fps - running xserver with kde (if that mathers ....) - using Konsole for "shell" running top with el on i'm getting that the X process usesaround 95% of the CPU and 10% of system memory, and the client barely gets to 5% ones i close el X goes down to 6% RAM and like 3% cpu. what am i doing wrong? do i have to run el from single command line? do i have to turn of Xserver to play?
  9. Why they can buy wine from winery?
  10. Winery + Antisocial

    Why are people able to buy from the winery if they are antisocial? isnt the winery another shop or isnt wine something u buy from an NPC?
  11. Buying Deer Furs

    Im buying deers furs please not less then 50 per sale. PM me in game pro prices, they will go up as the amount. if i dont answer its cause im afk, then please leave a message in this forum. or ill try to contact you in game.
  12. Client Crash

    i restarted playing like 2 days ago, is that bug older then that?
  13. ska u know how old was this? anyway if what ur saying is true then why they didnt put one in new storage? on the other hand why the message bans alc/manu/summ,pot near storage area if it was put there just so people wont do summon in VOTD.
  14. well i think this is because you are new but almost 90% of the times you die there is a friend or good person nearby to pick up your bag and give it to you.
  15. about ur 1st input you are right the fact of losing your tit chain in the middle of a fight may get you killed... but that is the point fighting has become borring and timed. right now the only time I die is went i fail the restoration spell and i dont have time to reach to the body rest potion i get. as of degrade that will be the best idea but as some people noted. this will increase the data transfer from server to client a LOT right now the software does something like this: the're 4 iron swords carried by him,her.him and that guy. and the client just takes the picture and puts it in their hand. with the new system they must "talk" about each and every item. so imagine 10 people together all with 8 items in use (from which 6 of them will degrade) you got 60 items to create. the idea of making lvls of damage will reduce this a little and may help on your 1st input because you could have a spare went the item is "highly damaged" or something but the above problem still persist. and since you can have a spare it will not help into making fighting less boring. about the last part the change of droping something went u die is 50% at the moment. the actual destruction time hasnt been discuss but it should be 10% or less IMO. so each item has a 10% chance of being destroyed and 50% of ending in the bag.