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  1. Magyarok

    Most végeztem a szabályok fordításával. Még nem tudom hogyan tudom eljuttatni a rules.xml-t az érdeklődőknek.
  2. New perk ideas

    Ghost: -7pp You can't attack anything or anybody (yourself or your summoned animal or monster too, with weapon or with magic), but nobody and nothing (animal, god, poison, radon, etc) can't hurt you. You can't get up bags in PK area, you can't enter invasion map. (like ultra pacifist) Blood moon: 5pp All animals and monsters near you will attack you. (rabbits and dragon too) Every killed animal or monster will decrease your emu with their blood, you must go to sto or use washing stone to clean your emu. (like anti MM perk) Agriculture: 3pp You can harvest 120 or 140 (or double with cape or perk) items anyway. If you are enter after new hour starting, or you can't finish harvesting before end of hour. Yin Yang: -4pp One of your skill is growing double, but one of your other skill is reduceing with same point daily randomly. (one day you gain double harvest points and lost defense points, another day you gain double magic point but lost tailoring points, and so) Fast eater: 6pp You can eat everything (vegetables, fruits, meat) without cooldown, but any meal in your hand or bag or storage are going to rot within 1-5 minutes randomly and make you massive (about 100) poison damages multiple. Foggy day: -7pp Some day will special day -foggy-, with this perk your viewing and reflection distance reduce to 2-3, so you can see only white screen around you and your map too. use compass and many-many click for every steps. Frozen heart: 10pp Make 40 % slower all of nearby animal, monster or player (action distance), but your life is reduce continously 1point/5 sec. Newbie helper: -10pp Every day drop and glue (you can't move) you to somewhere in IP, until you help 10 different players under 20oa (they must say to: thank you)
  3. Magyarok

    Sziasztok, A help.xml fordítása lassan 30%-os. A jelenlegi állapot letölthető Sir_Odie github EL_Encyc oldaláról. (../Sir-Odie/EL-Encyc) Küldjetek kritikát, javítani valót.
  4. Encyclopedia translators and contributors

    Sir_Odie updated hungarian encyc on github. Thanks everybody.
  5. Ingame title and text

    In dialogue box Wraith say: "I can't dance: Additional 15 defense penalty when fighting multiple opponents. Doesn't work with There is no fork. Cost: -5 points" Don't talk about price: 10k gc If you choose Yes, but you don't have money, Wraith say: " You can't get the I can't dance perk, you need 1000 gold." Talk about bad price. It is my problem: the real price and the dialogues prices not same.
  6. Ingame title and text

    At Wraith, in perks menu: I can't dance perk requirement shows only -5pp, but need 1000 gc too.
  7. Encyclopedia Update

    HI, I just translate encyc, but during it, I found some reference to Elconfig.exe and el.ini files. I didn't find Elconfig.exe on my EL folder. Any settings in el.ini files not same with inside game options window settings. Does official version of settings?
  8. Thank you for this caution.
  9. Encyclopedia translators and contributors

    Thanks, I tried to sent PM Sir Odie. I try to join github and send the corrected files.
  10. Visual anomaly

    It is possible, because my main character was harvesting, during i made tutorial walkthrough for hungarian translate.
  11. Encyclopedia translators and contributors

    A restart hungarian translate, but i don't know how can I upload modified .xml files. Somebody can help me?
  12. Visual anomaly

    Importent correction. F6 transparent after F1 console mode, then made wrong the stats bar in HUD.
  13. Visual anomaly

    (original picture is in the gallery) When change (F6 key) transparent side bar, then stats in HUD will move to right over the screen.
  14. Visual anomaly

    Yes, I use windows client under win7 on 10" netbook. My screen size is 1024x600, so EL window is 800x600. I start a new character for testing and translateing tutorial quests. On the creation sceens looks everything right. When my char start at IP, I see a big clock and stats not in HUD. After I talked with Tutorial NPC, stats gous to HUD and a clock is go to HUD, but the size keep big. After restart EL, everything looks good and nice.
  15. Newbie tutorial - task 1 bug

    Small other bug in tutorial quest. When you finish scouting tutorial, you gain harvest tutorial. In the dialogue box with tutorial NPC looks finished scouting and harvest tutorial at same time.