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    games, bowling

    i vote mine for the goriest! :twisted:
  2. storage in Portland

    how exactly do you store items !? ive asked on the newb channel for a while now but everyone ignores me.
  3. Im stuck in an inn

    A small bug yet very annoying. upon exploring around portland i went on the ship which transported me to somewhere in the north. I proceeded to explore the inn to see whats there. I walked into a room and the door would not work! the door is on the wall taunting me but i could not get back to the hallway. I used the #beam me up command to get out of it...
  4. My ideas

    boomspeed is not liking the full pic :-( Yes the ones not in the menu are shortcuts for easy use Gloryfades PLEASE RESIZE YOUR AVATAR!!! ITS HUGE didnt know you could resize chat.... Not in the manual
  5. My ideas

    Hey now just remember these are suggestions, and all of them should not be taken as an order to do something. The reason people are suggesting crud from Runescape is cause its familiar to them, and maybe they like it. Number 3 from cicero- Its from a game called Shadowbane, and i didnt mean for it to be "copied". The way it is set up in Shadowbane In my Opinion allows for easy access to important material about your character. As to number 11 from cicero- i didnt know about that cause its not in the manual. (yes i did read it) Number 12 customizable interface another thing to add to features. like placing buttons you use more often closer to what you are doing, and the ones that you dont use move them to an out of the way place. Number 13 the place where the chat is it just sorta bunches at the top left corner of the screen at a lower resolution everthing is smaller except the text so they wind up crouding the page. (i do know that there are better games out there than runescape)(like shadowbane ive been with that for about 2 years) Please forgive my newbieness and all the other qualities that you do not like in my typing. :wink:
  6. My ideas

    1. 1st person view, or 3rd person directly behind and above so you can see the land ahead of you. 2. Minimap on the main game window 3. format for buttons could be shaped like this copy pic into the address bar to see it (might take a lil bit to load) www.boomspeed.com/delta50000/untitled5.gif 4. make sure the best kind of armor is not smithable (will help with prices) 5. Rare items good idea holiday drops even better, make them tradeable also 6. More items (i know some people are working on it) 7. Horses (doubt it, might be nice) 8. POH (Player owned houses) You can furnish it however you want. Items left in a house will stay there like it would in a bank. 9. Theiving from npcs (non player characters) (best way to make cash in runescape) 10. have a seperate chat window for quest related info 11. type either control + R to bring up the person who last sent a pm to you. 12. make the buttons on the screen movable 13. chat window needs to be resized on different screen resolutions 14. keep prices high for swords/armor that way a noobie cant just kill a rabbit and go buy the best sword avaliable. 15. stuff for beta members like a thing given to all of the people at the end of beta testing. :wink:
  7. Tradeable rare items was one of the few things that jagex did right. It influenced the market to such an extent that everything was affected by rare item prices. The elf character model needs reshaping and so does the dwarf. dwarves are just versions of humans that are short, and elves are versions of humans that have pointy ears. (forgive me if i am wrong i just started a few days ago.) It is possible to make a program that will influence harvesting/whatever by making you click on a certain spot even if the person is not playing the game. (this is beta so im just throwing in my 2 cents.)