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    Romania, Cluj-Napoca
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    making friends and have a little bet of fun with them
  1. Română

    Ar fi culmea tu sa nu fi:))
  2. Română

    Bai da unde ni-s fratii mai, numai cativa romani vorbim pe aici
  3. Celebration All day- OA 100 , by Immortelle

    Congratz Immo, lol I was at a night party in 13th august>.<
  4. Why is it...

    Lmao, Now I can confirm that real life became exactly like on the internet... guys, get out more on the real life, and feel the wind, not the internet radiations:))
  5. Română

    Da ne-a lasat singuri sa avem de-a face cu muzica asta rroma:|
  6. Română

    Mie mi-e groaza de baietelul acela de 2 ani, va suferii enorm cand va creste, pentru ca inca nu e asa constient ce pretioasa mama a avut:)
  7. Română

    Ms ms am revenit si uite ca a si murit Madalina Manole si ne-a lasat singuri:)
  8. A great Singer died

    Madalina Manole- one of our greatest singers from Romania was found in a blood pool this morning at 6:30 AM. The investigators said she suicided herself, the proofs were the "goodbye" note she left on the phone to her husband and the substance that she used.... it has spread the smell through the house... We will miss the voice of a women who made music become a part of our heart!!!
  9. Best way to level eng

    I think Raistlin it's right ropes are easy maked and after them salpetre...
  10. Română

    Ma ajutat putin radu, ca am uitat ca nu-mi schimbasem mailul aici>.<
  11. Quote of the week submissions

    Well vanyel =Life is full of surprises:))
  12. Română

    Caaaata formalitatee, salut romania topic, m-am intors:P
  13. Till's Market

    Selling: 5891 Swamp Candles 3295 Tree Mushrooms 74 Potion of Manufacturing 43 Polar Bear Furs 53 Wolf Furs 30 Hawk Feathers 62 Rat Tails 477 Bones 1 Book of Potion of Manufacturing Leave a message in here or PM me in game on Till_Akysha
  14. Română

    Woow am lipsti la atat amar de chat frate ma tin prea mult de joc Bagate kuly ca trebe, si da sunt o gramada de updaturi entropy stie mai multe