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  1. Opera is free!

    Opera sucks, it does not support transparent i-frames
  2. Changes to the PK system. Yes or no?

    1. How would this new combat system affect the server combat formulae ? 2. Will the [if (exp < 0)exp=rationality/2] but also change (I get more exp from a rabbit than a garg) 3. Radu : you should try playing project entropia for a while, and you can get good ideas for EL for both combat, mining and economy (without the need of depositing money)
  3. And every time people think of something to eliminate the chance of losing items after dying. Like loosing items would be a bug the developers could not fix.
  4. Legal Macroing

    remembering the time you had to click for every item to harvest and there was no "you started harvsting..."
  5. Other charm suggestions : 1. Add into the Tankel repair chance formula. 2. Reduction of neg "queen of nature" events chance
  6. FEP

    Thats correct. I get 51 def exp for a fem orc If I level up a def level, its going to be 50 def exp. This goes on until the exp you get is 0. Than you get exp related to your rationality. (I get about 3 def exp from a garg per dodge, and 12 for a rabbit) The combat formulas are 2 formulas. The first one determines hit = yes/no If you hit a creature the parameters are : your attack, your dexterity, creature defence, creature reaction and a random number (including books,meds,armour and so) Second determines how high the damage is. parameters are : your attack, your might, weapon damage creature defence, creature toughness and again a random number again including meds, armour and so I might have forgotten some parameters, but now you have a clue in what direction you should think.
  7. FEP

    P and C does not affect exp. You kill faster if its higher and have indirect less exp, but the exp per hit remains the same. If you level up 1 def lvl you get 1 point def exp per dodge from the same creature. (same thing with attack)
  8. FEP

    I rarely use weapons. The way you get most exp is high will and low phys. And keep that finger parked on the home button (to attempt fleeing). You get only exp for the first 14 ? rounds (think it was 14) and if you manage to flee that starts at 0 again. In that way I once managed to get 20000+ (yes more than 20k) exp for one single small garg. How many would you need to kill with weapons and high phys to get that much ? I am one of the players that has the most levels (16 a.t.m) between attack and defence (As far as I know only Waldi0 has more; 20 lvls)
  9. FEP

    The Def exp you get is related to the Atk level from the opponent, your defence level, and your rationality. There is not really a exp per monster, only exp per hit(atk) or dodge (def). If the exp you get is lower than 0 the exp will be based on your rationality. This explains you sometimes can get more exp per hit from lower monsters (e.g. I get more exp per hit from a rabbit than from a garg) The exp is not affected by : atk/def potions, meds, armour, weapons or whatever (reasoning/will pots will give a small increase). The relation concerning phys and coord (and others) : Its the cross attribs that do the trick. Higher dexterity : you have better chance hitting Higher reaction : you will be hit less Higher toughness : you get less damage if you get hit Higher might : you do more damage per hit So, if you want loads of exp for defence : Best armour, uni med, no weapon. And for atk exp : Best armour, moon med, weapon only if you cannot win without. Best creatures for attack exp : armed gobs (their def/atk ratio is higher) For both atk and def exp (and everything else giving exp) get your rationality as high as you can afford (for fighter will is good for extra hp and mana)
  10. Fix The economy(revisited)

    The problem with the manu system is the way to skill is not level based. Even with a manu level of 60+ the fastest way to level is making leather pants. So in some way it should be altered so higher manu levels would benefit more from making higer level items without flooding the market with those items. Maybe we could implement some kind of selling to the manu god, where the money you get from selling them is nearer to the price for making them than selling them to Trik, and will be higher for higher level items than lower level items.
  11. dual weapons!weapon skills!

    So you do not like to get experience for fighting ? Like Learner said, its only good for Ueber-PK and nothing else. Remember that the exp you get is related to the number of your succesful hits (at) and the opponents missed hits (def), and the longer the battle is, the more exp you get. That extra exp is the key to become a good fighter, and not the weapons.
  12. Metal Gloves

    What is the use of bringing them back ? People that use weapons used them very rarely, and there also was no real use in leveling manu with them, nor manu for money.
  13. Member Of A Guild In Real Time

    No. There is no list of who is is what guild. To do that all user data files should be scanned to make such a list.
  14. New bot rules

    Bye bye Ants
  15. Russian

    I ja iz gallandia, a ja pomoch gavaritj niemnoga pa-russki :-)