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  1. Drakoon's Graphic Service

    briliant its great and i love it. i allso asked for a avy do i need to up the price or did you just forget it? Ill pay you asp so probibly one the week end.
  2. hi I seem to have had my ip banned

    Hello I seemed to have my Ip banned. Is there any reson for this, and if there isn't should i get my caricture wightlisted. Thanks for your time. ervak Fixed it was just a problem with my dynamic Ip
  3. Drakoon's Graphic Service

    just do the best you can. its just a genral guide line so ill like some thing along those lines. ok thanks. ErVaK
  4. Drakoon's Graphic Service

    Sorry sound a bit bossy.
  5. Drakoon's Graphic Service

    hey Ill have a set. i think maby i will have a knight with Red and back armour with posibly wight wings out his back with my name writen on it it posible like this "ErVaK" if not just in Caps maby bathed in fire. if to complected you can have a bit of freeness with it. offering 5k but will go more if you think its necisary just need to give me some warning. oh and if it look stuped you can mae it look a bit better. ErVaK
  6. firefox extension for EL

    love it thank u think you could make it so you can add ur own guild links?
  7. How old are you?

    man im gald to hear it lol im 14, 15 in a couple of months as for my meturety lvl it depends what mood im is some peaple say im more mature then there perants but i dissagree (thats saying a lot about there perants ) and omg i wish my perants played EL maby let me play a bit more lol
  8. Yet another school shooting

    couple of points 1. Die with dignity, in a relatively painless death. 2. Take some motherfuckers with you. 3. Make them think twice before they come to get you. The jews owning guns hell after the first couple of times that what u segested happens they'd just throung in a granade in and bom they're all dead. "Year, murders/100.000 2000, 1.57 2003, 1.53 2004, 1.28 2006, 1.28" that low realy low like hell most of these whould have happend in the gang land wars that are going on at the moment, not all of couse. in the NT where i live u hardly every hear about any murders the most exsiting you genraly get is some croc try to eat some one. hell im 14 and i own a compound bow u can all tease me about that but up here peaple use them to drop buffilos and hell guns even have trouble doing that though bows do to there about the same. To get it all i need to do is fill in a form and send it of to the ABA (Australian bowhunters Assosation) and then go to you lokal out door rec and buy a bow hell if i wanted to go on a killing spree id at lest get one or to peaple the point is wepons are easy to come by if you want to fix this problem you need to make ALL wepons harder to come by.
  9. An idea about CHARM attribute.

    love the 3rd segestion about the healing but maby only make it affect friendly players and will it affect you my thorght on this is no it affects the peaple around you not you it makes it less sulfish (spellt wrong) and more cmunity bassed. Ervak
  10. New "hats"

    lol love them expesialy the robin hood one and the first of that range the brown one. whats price range are you looking at Roja?
  11. Artwork Updates

    alsome (excuse my spelling) Oh yer love the hats
  12. Quote of the week submissions

    [08:16:47] An independent flower shop, not a part of the Daisy Chain [08:16:50] You are too far away! Get closer! [08:17:14] You briefly wonder whether they sell enough stock to live comfortably
  13. Frap

    Dose frap work on EL because i saw a movie with it beening used? The movie i watch is at http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=83...q=eternal+lands but i gess it has not been a proved what a shame (im sure theres a valid reason for this i dont know) oh well i think it whould be great expecily the choice in 1st person or 3rd person bit and the follow feacher and the sky ward veiw. Ervak
  14. Update 1.3 Bug reports

    In Palon Vertas at the red snapdragons near the flower shop at the cords (309,180) can't be harvested it says "You can't harvest here!"
  15. Quests

    Hi the other day i was looking the CEL's DataBase and noticed that there are only 9 quests whitch are Tutorial NPC Quest, Past Quest, Wraith Quest, Manufacturing Quest, Wine Quest, Crafting Quest, Tankel's Daughter I and II. is that all there is or dose the quest section of the website need to be updated (no offece they have done a great job on it) could any one who has done any other quest plz post here the name of the quest and the starting point. It would be much apprecated