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  1. Peace Day?

    This is Entropys game and he can do as he wants. We can either adjust or quit. But I do think if mines can cause damage on Peace Day then remote heal should be re-implemented for that day also. And the description should be altered so new players know that players or creatures cannot attack but that other occurences are possible.
  2. Post your video card info here

    Video card: MOBILITY/RADEON 9000 DDR x86/SSE2 Vendor ID: ATI Technologies Inc. OpenGL Version: 1.3.1072 WinXP Release
  3. Moon eclipse photos

    WOW Those are great photos! I could not watch it and it is really great of you to share the photos with us. Thank you radu and roja
  4. Happy 5 Year Anniversary, EL!

    Happy Birthday EL! And thank you radu and roja and all who helped make this awesome game possible. And thanks to all the Mods and players who help make it enjoyable.
  5. Storage Bug

    Yesterday around the time of the stress test I was mixing purple dye and putting it into storage as I took flowers and FPs out. When I has finished mixing I had 34 purple dyes in my inventory and 97 in storage. I took the 34 to the NPC in Irinveron to sell and see what they were worth. I recieved 850 gc for the 34. When I returned to storage and started to make more dyes, the 97 purple ones I had left in storage were gone. This happened to me once before, again it was with the purple dyes. They vanished from storage. I don't know if it matters, but both times I noticed it misisng was at PV storage
  6. Quote of the week submissions

    #GM from masterZEN: *silence* #GM from Ermabwed: *tumbleweed rolls by* #GM from masterZEN: *windows slamming, a sinister song playing on the background* #GM from Ermabwed: *a dark shadow moves quickly across an alley* #GM from Ermabwed: *a knock on your door* #GM from Ermabwed: *you open the door, outside dark shadows and gleaming eyes peering from dark hoods* #GM from masterZEN: *a key opening a lock, a terrible scream filling the emptyness* its ZEN at the other side of ur door #GM from Ermabwed: *somebody screams* #GM from Ermabwed: SURPRISE PARTY \o\ \o/ /o/ #GM from masterZEN: lol #GM from Devani: \o/ #GM from masterZEN: would be fun tho ] #GM from Ermabwed: hehe yea #GM from Devani: can I put your surprise party in quote of the day? #GM from Ermabwed: lol sure
  7. Little Dekke!

  8. NDD

    Be the players keep working hard to earn another! I missed the 3 hrs of NDD today... my favorite day! Everyone can not always be here for everything. There are so many things to do in the game. Entropy has been telling us if we will have another NDD after it is earned, so if you know you are going to need furs or meats then you should get to work on that while you can and save the harvesting and alching for the NDD. The majority of the ppl love NDD and work hard to earn it for the next time. I know others who only get to play on the weekend and love NDD. No matter What Entropy and Roja do there is no way to please everyone.
  9. NDD

    I love NDD it is the only time I go into pk and take a break from the monotony of alching and harvesting and doing other things to get ahead in the game. I die over and over and still enjoy it. It is hilarious when I get pmed that I'm not even worth pk points. You can't collect furs on peace day either. NDD is way more fun!
  10. Which part of the brain do you use more?

    When I first look she is going anti-clockwise, but I can easily change between both.
  11. StaTics and Scullsyks adventure

    I liked it. I don't know if it wat the subject or not but I think you did better on this one.
  12. Judgement day

    I think it was pretty good for a first try. I did stay intersted all the way through.
  13. Celebrating 5 skills at or above 100

    Tit plate mail in Portland 188,93
  14. Celebrating 5 skills at or above 100

    I say Potions, crafting, Alch. Havesting and engineering
  15. Quote of the week submissions

    MacNathan Streaking through channel
  16. LoGG and your hyperbags

    I was trying to stay out of this but some things have really been bothering me. Why be concerned about someone heading to a cave when you say they have been there working beside you? The statement below does not answer the question above. Again why not open your bag to work on it if you trusted them and Sylv has been working there in that cave beside you as you say? If you were suspicious even, why not speak up then? I know Sylvester very well, probably better them most in this game, and although I am against the treasure hunting, which he is well aware of, your own words are contradictory. Yet you call him a liar. I do know he has worked in another cave on a daily basic and Incidious was there often because I have been there with him at times. I know he has not made FEs in a long time, (since the spring atleast), he use to make them with me, but never where you were at. If he can afford keys to treasure hunt he can afford to buy FEs and he has had ppl making FEs for him. Yes Sylvester is a treasure hunter but he is not a liar. I do not believe he ever stalked your bag, nor worked beside you in the cave where he found the FEs He did give the stuff back without any arguments and he did not have to. How many bag jumpers do that? Yet you still keep complaining... which is beginning to resembles harassment. As I stated he knows I see his treasure hunting as bag jumping, but it is a part of the game. I know many of the LoGG members and I trust them all, They will not take stuff from their friend if they know who's it is.
  17. Whats the best way of leveling up in magic?

    I agree with Kjata. I power leveled 7 or 8 lvls in one week by casting bones to gold in Iscal storage when it was in the caves. I made all my own ess and potions so it really cost me nothing and you get both alc and magic exp.
  18. Active Hyperbag "Treasure Hunts"

    I had that happen once too, I do believe when you use a key to open it, it opens both bags and it is a combined bag. There is really nothing you can do about. there is no way to know which bag to open. I also moved my stuff and locked the other stuff back up.
  19. Active Hyperbag "Treasure Hunts"

    I do not like the wording of this poll because it makes it appear that someone was looking for a bag that belonged to a specific person or guild and that is rarely the case. But I also think taking someones hyperbag is stealing and if I accidently found one I would close it back and leave it alone. But that is me. I do not condone nor condemn others for playing the game the way it was intended. I also have a hyperbag out there, but I do not leave any Ess or bars in it, I take the things that are of value to me out of it before I lock it. The main thing here is it is a game. If you lose you hyperbag, you lose a lot of work you put into a game. I know it gets frustrating but it is a part of the game. If some in rl took your money they might have taken food off your table or money to pay your bill. Luckily we do not have those consequences here.
  20. Server down or my internet?

    I am posting from my sisters acct since the only email I have is yahoo. But I am in Michigan and my Isp is comcast, and I cannot get on either. Havoc_Hawk
  21. bear drop

    While rabbits do not drop big piles like bears, they poo a lot more, instead of one big pile you get a lot of little ones, so maybe some day the fluffy will literally give you shit Maybe you could get 3 or 5 dung from a fluffy
  22. How old are you?

    I am 31 but I still get asked for ID when ppl ask me to pick up some cigarettes for them. you have to be 18 to buy cigarettes here.
  23. My p2p was a gift so I do not know if it is for a year or a life time could you check please? Char name is Devani
  24. A Wedding Invitation :)

    Here are some screenies Kailomonkey took. Con gratz, it was a lovely ceremony for an awesome couple and we both wish you many years of Happiness!