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  1. thulsadoom is bagjumber

    I am a bit ashamed to say that i am not a computer wiz and after killing ogres for a hour or so id say that id have a good % of having many items.... but in any case as you see im listed a rabbit and i was a noob till last night. i never come to forums i just lay the game so i dont know how to take a screen shot. Indues seems content on thinking i have wronged him and i shall still pay him 300 or 500 gold to pain. he was not letting jammie spawn with him in a 2 spawn room.... so i just want peace in the valley and indus im sorry if people dont hate me like you tryed to tag me. they will see i am always a fair and kind player and i would have no reason to cause hard feeling...OVER a iron sword so indues i will extend my hand and say i want peace in teh valley so rember before you go called names and barking orders people have feeling and yes ill admint... pridein their name signed THULSADOOM
  2. thulsadoom is bagjumber

    In Reply to indus post about me... Last night i was killing ogres and i had the spawn all to myself. Then indues came and i told him that he could take the spawn over while me and my wife watched a movie. I came back in a hour or so and he and a player named jammie was their and jammie said he/she was waiting till he was done. I was pretty sure it was a 2 spwan spot so i told jammie to take my place out of kindness while i watched ,Then indus logged off so i begain to kill agian.A few moments later indus logged back on and said who got my bag... i said i did not get it and jammie said i did not get it. i asked indus was it a death bag and he said and i quote.... it was a Iron sword. I told him i did not get it and he proceeded to call me a lier and a bag jumper. This mad me very upset cause i am what id like to think a Honest citizen and player of EL. I had told him i would pay him 300 gold just so we could have peace and he just kept calling me names. I did not want to starttrouble with any players so i just stoped talking to him in fear he would say i was harrasing him. I think he was just wanting to start a fight i hope no people think ill of me because i love El and the players and i justwant to be held in high reguard...
  3. password wrong

    I know that I set up the account once we were given the okay. Now the password she choose wont work.
  4. need to have a new character

    I went through the process once and need to know if I must go through it again? It takes too long especially if I like to play as soon as I get home.
  5. trying to creat new character for my wife, it wont let me.

    instead of starting the game when it says click done again to creat character with this name I do and it all closes out I go to log in the name but it says she don't exist
  6. why wont it let me log in the character that I am trying to make for my wife?? do I have to go through the same steps as before to get it white listed because my IP was banned????