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  1. chat flickers

    I can log into EL and play fine. In game when I press view console button all the chat flickers and in 2 or 3 seconds EL crashes. It only happens in the view console mode. One time out of a hundred it won't flicker at all. I am playing on a new laptop HP Pavilion g6,Intel ® HD graphics.
  2. Storage Sale

    bones still 4 sale?
  3. buying binding stones

    Looking for 2 binding stones. Please PM manwich ingame.
  4. Depletable Resources Poll

    No, it will ruin the game. For the record no to mutiplay also.
  5. banned this afternoon

    Thank you. I apologize for the confusion.
  6. banned this afternoon

    I have AOL also that is what i use for my e-mail but I do not pay them it is Road Runner that I pay my bill to. One of those all-in-one deals(phone, internet, cable) I was claiming to use a proxy because I do use a proxy and I thought that was why I was banned. I still don't know why I was banned. I haven't done anything wrong. I don't have too much of an idea about these things and I am not trying to mislead anyone. I am only trying to figure out what happened. I have been playing along and suddenly I am banned and I don't know why. I always follow all the rules.
  7. banned this afternoon

    I believe the IP you just wrote was my old IP , the one I gave to Maxine and Aduard. Do they change? My ISP is Road Runner from time warner cable.
  8. banned this afternoon

    I am looking at my Anonimizer screen right now and it says my real IP is and the IP everyone else sees is
  9. banned this afternoon

    In reply to Aislinn, I wasn't using a proxy to avoid punishment. I always use a proxy. I turned it off to be sure that the ban was specifically for me and not my proxy in general. That was something Maxine told me could happen if I continued using Anonimizer. The proxy is always on it comes up whenever I start my computer, I don't have to go through anything. It is on unless I turn it off.
  10. banned this afternoon

    I just double click on the EL icon on my desktop. Is that what you wanted to know? It's DSL Road Runner in upstate NY.
  11. banned this afternoon

    I apologize for not knowing but I don't know what a "sock proxy" is. Why sock? Is this what happened to me? I am still not sure why I was banned
  12. banned this afternoon

    I always have. I do not like the idea that anyone can see where I am online. Mistrust of the government and it's Orwellian tendencies. I am a member of the guild TECH and had mentioned this to Maxine and Aduard both previously. I also gave them my real IP address as well as the proxy one. I had not read that a proxy was against the rules. Is it?
  13. banned this afternoon

    Yes I have a proxy and was afraid I was caught in a large net because of it. So I tried not using the proxy to make sure it was me who was banned.
  14. banned this afternoon

    My IP was banned today and I don't know why. I was killing skellies for bones and taking them to storage that was it. I had some trouble with resyncs to the server, logged off and on a few times trying to fix it, gave up and logged off. I just came back 5 hours later to find I am banned. Whats up with the ban?