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  1. News from R/L

    For those of you who've befriended Curtis and I (and we appreciate you), r/l is kinda taking over our EL time right now. It's a very busy time of the year for us. Seems like we work anytime we're not sleeping or eating just now. Didn't want anyone to think we'd given up on the pk server. That's not it at all. But, with summer on its way we're planting and weeding, mowing and all that good stuff. Throughout summer we'll likely not be on as much since it'll be gardening time and we have a busy garden. lol Then, there's all the work away from home. Our schedules are like...mad! We'll be checking in from time to time (perhaps on rainy days when we can't do anything outside). But, until winter when we're housebound again, our time online is going to be limited. I'll be reading the forums, though. Probably at least once a day. After the busy season, it'll be back to training! and mixing! Have fun! We'll be back! btw, where's Piggy been? Sure do miss that guy!
  2. SoulTaker

    I doubt you will see bkc summon other players to aid him against your attacks. He is pretty much self-sufficient as you have already discovered.
  3. Flame Thread

    my, my....you really ARE in a good mood today, aren't you? rofl
  4. SoulTaker

    I agree with Piggy and that's a point that I believe a lot of ppl forget or ignore. We, as adults, have an opportunity to demonstrate our diplomacy and maturity when these kids are on. If we fail to effectively take advantage of that opportunity, what does that make us? Those with a conscience know what I'm talking about. Those that don't ... well, you know who you are and #ignore will take away all your comments - ugly or otherwise.
  5. SoulTaker

    Hide your true motivation behind a word like "experiment" if you will. Doesn't change a thing. Go ahead and pk my chars. It's a minor inconvenience at best. Sticks 'n Stones and all that. I know my way out of the UW.
  6. Who the hell are you?

    All I can say is "Good Luck". I suspect you will turn up some disappointing results with your experiment if you were expecting a certain outcome (i.e. being able to survive in this community by pk'ing alone). This server should never have been named "the PK Server". It's not what it is. It's a P2P Server. The differences between this server and main are not yet enough to entice people to give up their main server characters to begin new ones here. If the differences become more and make things better for the players on this server, I would anticipate this server population to become as large as or even larger than main server population. In fact, I would expect the roles of the two servers would simply reverse. Main would become a very quiet server and the population here would explode. Ah, the pk'ing that would go on then! And the whining.... lol. Guess I'd go back to main then.
  7. Monarchy in the PK

    It does tend to raise your anger level when you are pk'd. It gets heated and sometimes there are some heated discussions on channel 1. That's all part of it. Makes your heart pound and your blood boil (sometimes). I'm definitely not a pk'er. Just a peaceful harvester and mixer. My harvest alt has been killed many times by many players. I'm not going to cry about it, but it does momentarily make me sorta mad and I really don't have a bad temper at all. But, it's easy to get caught up in the moment. At first, I'd like to kick the pk'ers butt. Alas, I'm not high enough a/d to do that. So, sometimes friends of mine will put that person on their "to do" list. So what. That's all part of the risk and excitement of being on the pk server. Anything goes. Go around bragging about your strength and pk'ing ppl without cause, their friends will put you on their list. It's really a typical scenario. If you don't have a lot of friends on the pk server, maybe it's because you are not nice to ppl. Maybe it's because you pk'd them or their friends. Don't go around bawling about it when they pk you by whatever means available to them. Either stick with your M.O. or change it. But, either way prepare yourself to reap the rewards of your deeds. And - for heavens sake - don't weep about it. For those of you that have pk'd me: hey, whatever. For those of you that stand behind me and/or taken revenge for me: I will repay your kindness. If I decide not to supply or mix for certain players on the server, it's because I have a negative opinion about their behavior. No really big deal and nothing to get upset about. I'm only one supplier. There are other suppliers for those ppl to deal with. It's just my little piece of revenge for what I consider to be their "wrong" (whether it was toward myself or a friend). And I'm certainly not saying that my opinion should be adopted by everyone else. But, I intend to express my opinion in my own quiet sort of way. It's just a game. Nothing to get all torn up about. If someone pk's me, I can find my way out of the UW (and I'm getting quite good at it). The risk just makes it more exciting and encourages me to be a little more clever. Believe me, this server isn't just about brute strength. It's equally about being clever (and maybe a little lucky). Players who have similar personalities tend to be drawn together, hence the strong bond of friendship between them. If they stand together against a common enemy, is that not the natural (even honorable) thing to do? That's how communities are formed. Are there not opposites in most communities? For whatever reason(s) there will always be opposing opinions in a group of people. That's life (real life and life on the pk server). Dealing with that in a realistic way takes a certain level of maturity. Some have it....some don't....
  8. leonard (alpha)

    Gratz, Segor!
  9. Invasion Thread

    Some very cool invasions for the pk server this weekend! Thank you, Mortos! You are a very cool god! btw, I am Hope on pk server. The one who got killed afk by the orcs in Arius. and the one who got the bejeezus scared outta her when you appeared in Arius bigger than a giant!
  10. Invasion Thread

    Crossed several C2 maps looking tonight - Thelinor Arius Irinveron Glacmor North & South Redmoon Trassian Hulda Iscalrith Aeth Aelfan That was all for me. Night all. Oh! For the record, it's me Hope.
  11. Who the hell are you?

    I am Lilliath on main (although I do not play on main anymore). I am Hope on PK along with Faith (my harvest alt). I am in PAL guild. I am a supplier. I do not PK and I'm not ready to participate in most invasions. I will offer my help to core community members in whatever way I can be of service. I work on alc, pot, manu & craft. These are the skills that interest me most. Harvest, of course, is a must. For those of you who have made me welcome, I thank you.
  12. Nothing New?

    Yes, Piggy. I am both Hope & Faith on PK Server. Lilliath is on main. We know each other pretty well, I think. You make me laugh a lot. Oh, I've never been big about posting on forums - just reading. Found this to be a good cause for posting.
  13. Nothing New?

    I'm not as eloquent as Piggy and I haven't been on the PK server very long (few mos.), but these have been my observations: 1.) We have "bad boys" who have no honor. 2.) There is a "core" community that is close knit because trust has been established among them. Once you are accepted by the "core" community, you are showered with their friendship. They're actually "glad" you're here! They care. 3.) It's very quiet due to the lack of hundreds upon hundreds of ppl logged in at any given time - as on main. 4.) We have very few enriched ess because (unlike main) we have to make them. This adds to the fact that many mid to high lvl items are not available (one will think twice before using his/her efe to make an item because it may be best to hold onto it and make something else that is even more valuable to them). 5.) There's not a lot of "manpower" left for invasions. The high lvl mobs are a chore for the few players who are capable. And then there are those who will be present during invasions and do their best to get the items of another player participating (see #1 above) by pk'ing - which the "core" community has agreed isn't in the best interest of the server. I love the ppl on the PK server (overall). Even the "bad boys". The bad ones give the good ones a "common cause" whether they mean to or not. The economy, while it can be difficult, is not nearly as controversial as the economy on main. You have to learn to be self-reliant here - it's not a place for the lazy or faint of heart ... or the whiners... it's definitely not a place for sissy's. You have to have the heart of a lion to "live" on the PK server. Beggers do not get very far on this server, I'm happy to report. I believe the "core" community can keep the "bad boys" in check because the ppl who are the heart of this place are not only lion hearted - they are very intelligent. I will NOT leave this server. I'm no pk'er. I'm a supplier. I will NOT leave this server because of the handful of baddies. Trust me, there are soooo many more on main. Here, at least, I pretty well know who they are and what to expect. I know not to trust a new player until they actually prove they are trustworthy. The "core" community is a "family". I am very fortunate to feel like a small part of that family and I will NOT leave. I guess I'm gonna' have to train a/d, though because all the guys who could keep the balance in the community appear to have lost interest... very sad. They will be missed. OH! I am Hope on the PK server. Hope and Faith. I am a friend in the community and I intend for it to remain so.
  14. Book of Fire Sword

    You can talk to me in-game to buy this. I'm asking 25k for it. Sold it!
  15. markusweck

    hmmm...how could you let yourself be scammed harvesting for an item from another player? It's such a simple process. You harvest the amount set as the price of the item, keeping it in your own storage until you have exactly the amount agreed upon, then meet the seller at the storage and make the exchange. Simple! This is how I purchased a CoL -- from marcus, no less...no scamming involved. Just a neat little exchange of iron ore for an item. If you agreed to do it any other way, well .... hmmm.... p.s. i don't usually post on these ... uh ... matters, but this one was ... well, "special"...