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  1. Selling Will Removal Stone

  2. very old players

    Here here
  3. In-game references

    "In Greek mythology, the Elysian Fields in Elysium were the final resting place of the souls of the heroic and the virtuous." Why would you connect that with Megadeth song? People seem to take references from very subjective point of view, like this and like "Antisocial", for chris sake, its just opposite of Social and its totally logical, no need to make references on that one ^^
  4. Selling 1k Steel Bars

  5. Sign up for "n00b" instances

    Any runs lately? I'd like to sign up as well, I have perfect stats for noob instance.
  6. Auction: Ti Cuisses of Cooldown Removal

    160K GC
  7. best pk drop ever

    Not the best drop in terms of gc value, but it was the best drop for me ever! Back in the old days (like really really old, 5-6 years ago) when Serpent sword was the best sword ingame, in fact only 5-6 people on server had it. I was walking around in KF with full armor on and tit long and some guy with lower a/d then mine attacked me and I killed him. It was like ok, no big deal, KF was really active back then, but when I looked into bag...OMG A SERPENT SWORD!!! I was so overwhelmed with happiness that I had to turn off EL for 1 hour and chill
  8. Small Storage Sale

    I am ready to sell some items underprices, just give me an offer
  9. Small Storage Sale

    Still many fine things for sale
  10. Small Storage Sale

    Kornholio, please give me your ingame name. Thanks.
  11. Small Storage Sale

    Flowers: ALL FLOWERS SOLD Yarrow - 424 Nightshade - 157 Sunflower - 2042 Toadstool - 166 Red Rose - 235 Minerals: ALL MINERALS SOLD Coal - 259 Sulfur - 498 Weapons: Iron Broad Sword Training Arrows - 41 Short Bow Steel Two Edge Sword Wooden Battle Hammer Second Hand Titanium Long Sword - 3 Iron Battle Hammer - 2 Titanium Long Sword - 4 Cutlass SOLD Armor: Leather Boots - 6 Titanium Shield SOLD Iron Helm - 2 Augmented Leather Armor Leather Pants - 2 Augmented Leather Pants - 2 Enhanced Wooden Shield Steel Greave SOLD Titanium Plate Mail SOLD Crown Of Life SOLD Titanium Cussies SOLD Steel Chain Mail Steel Shield Magic: Ring of Power Stars Medallion - 3 Moon Medallion - 4 Ring of Disengagement - 13 Essences: Air Essence - 44 Magic Essence - 94 Matter Essence - 4 Death Essence - 23 Energy Essence - 6 Potions: Spirit Restoration - 70 True Sight potion - 7 Potion of Accuracy - 19 SOLD Potion of Evasion - 11 SOLD Animal: Bones - 640 Meat - 56 Clothes: Mirror Cloak - SOLD Fur Torso Body Piercing Cloak - 2 - SOLD Monster Magnetism Cloak Gray Robe Skirt Misc: Skeleton Key - 24 Empty vial - 11 Books: Titanium Chainmail Torso Construction Isla Prime Ring Building Titanium Axe book I'll edit here when items are sold.
  12. Graphic problem

    Nvm, seems to be working now.
  13. Graphic problem

    Hello, I've recently upgraded my hardware, and since then this is what I see when I log in: My specs: GA- MA770-UD3 Athlon 7750+ Dual core Ati Radeon 4850 I have latest drivers installed. Any suggestions?
  14. Selling books

    All sold.
  15. Invasions R Us

    I really hate invasions too. It just ruins this game, same as dropping thing when you die ! I mean, I can't remember more then 1 other game in which this happens. Its so unusual, so we should changed it ! Let's all gather together and harvest (click and wait....then click...and wait....then click...)... Now seriously, this game is indeed unique, it has great community (excluding me), awesome things that other games simply doesnt have (chance to lose expensive stuff when you die / chance to TAKE expensive stuff from someone when he/she dies, invasions which I always participate, even if monster are 40 a/d levels higher then me, because I can always help with harm/ranging, a group of mods that will always make your game easier...and many other things I forgot). So please, for **** sake, leave the invasions alone.