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  1. recolourisation of screen?

    looks great, i like it and think it would give a good change while wearing night vision.
  2. Wizard

    i don't know if its possible but here is an idea. while fighting the dragon there would be a random chance of spawning a wizard instead of dropping a bag. the wizard would be able to teleport around the room and engage in combat with the ability to flee. the only way to keep the wizard from being able to flee would be to have 2 or more fighters multi it so that would be the only way to kill it and get the dragon back to spawning. -x~~
  3. Wizard

    my idea was not meant to be cast in stone as all options are on the table. the wizard could be easy to kill by 1 player and drop something very nice or be able to flee and make for some good exp. can be tweaked as needed but of course it would be what the dragon slayers would have most fun with.
  4. Restoration spell change

    i vote no, it might put lower level people at even more of a disadvantage and they wont have as much fun.
  5. New Ring

    ring to take away cool down. ingred: dragon scale, tin bar, fire ess or whatever. same idea as the cooldown removal armor and ring would not be effected by cooldown. thought it might be a good suggestion for benefit of most all skills.
  6. Light posts all over aeth aeflan

    can we please have this thread locked, the darkness only last for 2 hours so its really no big deal. some of us have worked hard on our chars/stats so no reason to threaten stats wipe. i have enjoyed all the changes positive or negative and it just allows us to change our same ol boring routines. thanks for the great game that has kept me entertained for over 2.5 years.
  7. New Ring

    heh, i guess dragon scale is a lil excessive if ring would cost around 10k-12k would be nice.
  8. pickpoints

    as we all know that pickpoints can be tough to get at higher levels my idea is this: at OA 150 each level be worth 2 pickpoints, at 160 4 pickponts, 170 6 pickpoints and so on. idea good or bad?
  9. Halloween art contest

    i made this with blender http://www.1baddude.com/horseman/baddude_horseman.jpg see the animation http://www.1baddude.com/horseman/horseman.html