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  1. Depletable Resources Poll

    Interesting idea and can be done in a way that gives people a chance to keep the resources from being depleted. for instance a Strip Miner NPC could appear at a spot and start draining. if not killed/stopped or whatever in 5 minutes the resource could get depleted.
  2. Adopt a newbie program

    After reading the posts, i thought of an idea to make it newbie friendly, Orientation Island. new people could start there then after a skill reaches 20 they are "denoobed" to IP. only approved helpers would be allowed there.. on this island could be a storage, potion seller, magic shop, and other NPC's that just sells the basics with some tutorials to learn about using them. this would keep new people from exploring the first day, wander onto a pk map and get PK'd and quit or gargoyle beat them to death on WS at dark. much more to say on the subject but i'll leave that to others. i will be willing to help test this if needed.
  3. One character per person at a time

    if the reason to discourage farming is to increase shop sales then the second life model i think would be best as their owners make millions. take out all gc from game and put a $ icon on the client and if credit card is on file you can instantly buy gc from the shop. Premium accounts ($70 usd a year) could get a weekly stipend of say 20k gc(or whatever owner decides is best) and if more gc is needed buy from shop/icon. premium account or free 2 play ftw! (P2P chars sold separately) NPC's could sell and not buy and since so many bots are in game they can buy . Tutorial NPC can give gc to new people and owner ran contests or instances/invasions could be used to get extra gc in game. an EL exchange could be set up for people to sell excess coins. i would love to to see e-l owners become rich off all the work they have done and not afk players getting the $ benefit from their work.. i would pay $70 a year for premium account with no problem as the system would be fair. so if people don't like farming and seeing e-l lose money then put your money to the game. i realize this wouldn't be easy to implement or everyone would like it but it can be something to consider for the future.
  4. Potions of Defence and Attack Reduce

    i was wondering if the pots would be more useful and sell good if they gave up to +30 on a and d. just a thought. -x~~
  5. Plague

    This might be kinda fun. imagine someone catches the plague and loses (?)health per minute. then when they get within a certain distance from others they can catch it too. maybe an icon above the infected persons head like the spells lol. lot of possibilities with this for example enginerring skill can make plague wards and possibly a new potion can be added with the cure. feel free to add any more ideas to this. -x~~
  6. Plague

    oops, my bad
  7. Removing TS effect

  8. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    I had a friend a long time ago that would always call friends baddude like " whats up baddude" or if it was a kid it was lil baddude, females he called bad chick so the name came to mind when i started going online. i cant count how many times people asked me what makes me so bad but the best answer i came up with so far is this,, wait until i finish this burrito and you tell me -x~~
  9. Client Performance Improvement

    tyvm bkc56 for the script, very fast and easy
  10. Client Performance Improvement

    i made a backup of el and gziped the .bmp and .elm files in the maps dir a few days ago and works good. i made a new backup and gziped the .e3d, .2d0, .caf and .part files in the other dirs. i got the file list from reading the script above. error log is complaining of not being able to load .part files now so maybe those cant be gziped or its just me so maybe someone else can confirm this -x~~
  11. New Linux binary

    Thanks Quesar, 64b is not hogging audio now
  12. New Linux 64b

    I never new it was possible to have sounds shared while playing EL, such as running amarok but seeing in 32b post its possible. any way to get that working in 64b as well? another thing, can fighting sound volume adjusting be separate from spells etc? thanks edit* Quesar made a 64b that doesn't hog audio so first question answered
  13. Linux Client test

    All is working great on opensuse 11.1 Forester, in controls tab is an option called Camera Rotation Deceleration. i set that to .28 and the Camera Rotation Speed to 96.5 and camera is going smooth with keys. try that then adjust to your taste and see if it helps. -x~~
  14. Linux static bin needed for the update.

    thanks Rauch, 64 bit is working great on my opensuse 11.1 korrode, see if you have libpng3 installed for eyecandy. -x~~
  15. Kusamura Jungle

    Ohh noo.. the somalia pirates hijaxed the kusa boat OO
  16. Active Channel

    while buttons are being worked on how about having the channel buttons clickable to auto add @3 or #gm etc? i know it shows history now but maybe the history button could just show all history. i would like to click the GMs button and have the #gm added then i start typing -x~~
  17. Magic Level

    When i get a new magic level the client closes. all eye candy seems to be working(dunno about magic level particles because client closes). no errors in the logs specs: Linux OpenSuse 11.0 HP media center pc 400GB hd AMD 64x2 5000+ 2048mb ram NVIDIA 6150 LE
  18. Magic Level

    ok, 2 magic levels in a row with out crash so i guess 32bit libpng3 is also needed on 64bit. -x~~
  19. Magic Level

  20. Ts to -15 ?

    My apologies for getting high a/d level. my exp has averaged about 210 220k per hour and I've used the most undesirable spawns but it has been relaxing for me after a hard days work so I'll stop now that I'm 144 144 a/d. The thing that has drawn me to El is the awesome programing thats been done here and I am amazed at the work all the devs have done and the community leaders such as mods have done to ensure people are entertained. Keep up the awesome work all. I'm here for the long haul and i look forward to the nice stuff that are in the works such as the sky client etc. thanks for letting me play and cyas in game -x~~
  21. New Break Rate

    I don't see the breakage any worse than before. I have always broke lots of gear. back when chimeran wolf was strongest in game and i was training on it i broke so many iron plates but that is the price for fighting strong monsters. back then was no COL, SR didn't stack and no NMT in the game so we couldn't stay on spawn very long before going for restock. Training is way easier now with TS etc so if you don't like buying armor then i suggest working on your manu skill. as far as i remember the high end armor was made for PK not spawn camping so while training use training gear and save the good armor for PK. or PVP to work on your punching bag(def) level and I'll continue working on my att level on monsters without waiting for a spawn -x~~
  22. Eternal war

    or maybe a pk map that costs gc to enter. lets say u pay 10k gc to enter and no one is there and u tele out and get 10k back but if someone else is there then pot is 20k so last person to tele gets the pot. im just poor harvester so i dunno, just an idea.
  23. Just a thank you

    Thanks for the amazing update! great job to all who worked on it and you all are the best
  24. ip banned

    hi, my ip was banned, can i please get white listed?
  25. ip banned

    thanks all, back on and i am getting excited about the new update its gonna be awesome!!