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  1. Android client

    Anyone here that would like to start a basic port of EL to Android? First just the basic stuff, such as log in and chat/console, and then all kind of small improvements, maybe even a 2d map and stuff. I would love to do it, but I don't know any Java (or any Android API).
  2. Never heard of this game but IP banned

    No problem. Let me know if you have any other problems or questions.
  3. Never heard of this game but IP banned

    Let me check something.
  4. Rain in WTF dungeon map

    But I am pretty sure the server doesn't send the rain command.
  5. Rain in WTF dungeon map

    It's a client bug, waiting for Bluap to get home
  6. Bluap has provided the latest binaries. They include the high DPI work he has done, described here: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=60911 He also added some of my Android client code that makes targeting small mobs easier, and should also help with bags covered by dead mobs. Please download and test, and report any problems here. Christmas update: You can now make it snow: Download the client binary again, from the same links, Download this file, and place it in the EL data directory. https://twinmoons.org.uk/el/git/weather.xml Press F8 to toggle the snow on/off! Windows: https://twinmoons.org.uk/el/git/el.exe Linux 32 https://twinmoons.org.uk/el/git/el.i686.linux.bin.static Linux 64 https://twinmoons.org.uk/el/git/el.x86_64.linux.bin.static
  7. EXP Bonus after the kill

    So what formula would be used to give the after kill exp?
  8. Rain in WTF dungeon map

    Also, does it rain in place where it didn't before, like desert pines? I checked my code and it's nothing obvious there. It might be a client only thing. Let me know if you lose any items there due to acid rain, and if so I will replace it and look harder into it.
  9. Rain in WTF dungeon map

    Does it rain in other instance maps?
  10. New client binaries for testing

    The Windows client sometimes crashes on exit, especially if I had it on for a long time (over a day), though I think I got a crash after less than that.
  11. New 1.9.5 "Little Things"

    Nice work
  12. OMG again alts banned?

    I unlocked konec now, but I will keep an watch on you, don't even think about trying it,
  13. New client binaries for testing

    Bluap, it seems that the version you provided with the installer still used the old version number (27 instead of 28). Can you please compile a new one form git and remake the installer? Also, in the default el.ini please put new selection to 1.
  14. Client Improvements and New Features: * Added delete recipe option. * Added skill experience related operators to #calc. * Added context menu to control indicators. Added PM/ModPM count indicator, click to clear. * Added ranging lock indicator. * Added option for the "click close to attack" and "click close to open bag" changes from the Android client. * Large refactoring of the client to support UI scaling for high DPI displays. * Improved performance of targeted eye candy effects like mana drain to prevent the drop in FPS. * Improve error checking for new character player name and password entry. * Enabled snow on selected maps. * Many minor improvement, many done during UI scaling changes..... Client Bug fixes: * Fix saving options that are on multiple tabs. * Fix writing new options values from the context menu. * Fix storage window quantity text appearing under the scrollbar. * Fix for a possible client hang on start-up loading objects. * Fix for when the accept buddy window did not show in console mode. * Fix overhead mana display size; forum #60952. * Fix weather effects not starting on login or map change. * Fix when sound effects option changed incorrectly at start-up depending on other options state; issue #49. * Fix a possible crash in eye candy effects; issue #45. * Fix broken sound effects for newer openal versions; issue #50. * Fix missing on-going eye candy effects for some windows build using older compiler (the last release). * Many minor fixes..... Data updates: * 26 or so new inventory images * some updates to Encyclopedia * New readable book in-game (the story of which many Ida changes were based on) Major map changes: * Extensive general cleanup and bugs fixed on almost every map. * Zirakgunda fully remade, with many changes to Zirakinbar to go along with it. * Large amount of new enterable buildings in Idaloran * New large cave in Aeth Aelfan * New Grubani Ranging arena, the "no magic" area that was around it is now gone * Several other maps have new general insides, and a few new secrets added. * "location info" now fixed and working on all official maps (the text when you click the compass) * a handful of other lesser buildings/caves now can be entered that weren't enterable before, in Hurquin, Irinveron, Glacmor, TG MS Garden and a few other places * Massive reduction of 2d/3d objects in MM, KJ, and WVF to reduce lag, done without changing the maps too much though WVF will be the most noticeably different design-wise Minor map changes: * Irsis Ranging Arena lighting is heavily adjusted, and the arena should be more useable for those with lower perception and ranging levels * AA storage moved to the center of AA to be more useful to AA itself and its caves, as well as further away from new Zirak storage which is barely a ship trip away * Irin northeast teleport spot moved for a better Irin storage > Glacmor Wyrmgoth connection (replacing reliance on AA storage there) * new limited PK arenas: Zirakgunda 120 a/d, Thelinor in north part of city 140 a/d * EVTR is now multi-combat * KF full map is limited to 130a/d * For pear hunters: Many unreachable or hidden harvs have been moved or removed, pretty much all maps are now 100% chance to find it, though you can still forget to harv something or the challenge of huge maps will keep it unfound. But it's much more fair. (After a later server update that will also change which maps it appears on to be much more correct.) Some minor map notes: - Portland - You click the door like normal to enter Sloan's bank now, not use the building. - VotD Gold Cave 2 - Several of the building in there required using the building. These are enterable by normal click on the door as well. - The secret on IP main map to get in the cave has changed slightly to stop IP critters from going in it - C2 Portal Room - The teleport spots that led to the northern part of the portal room are now non-harvestables, making them easier to step on without a mouse change to a pickaxe - EVTR Mine - the "secret" entrance to the mine has very slightly changed to make it easier for Android use. (You'll figure it out easy enough.) - Aeth Aelfan - The PK area has ben adjusted so there's an obvious boundary between pk and non-pk (the water and mountains, and an arch with a PK sign on it on the path) Thanks to: Bluap - majority of the work on the client Burn - all map work, new inventory graphics Sir_Odie - maintain Encylopedia git, some client fixes Additional Assistance: Acelon - ideas for many of the changes to Idaloran and Zirak plus approved other larger changes, wrote the new readable book Learner - some additional scripting that helped auto-locate certain issues in map files Hatwood - New bottom-of-client buttons for ranging info and minimap Roja - Approval of new graphics. Several new inventory graphics were based on her work as well. gvissers* - client code cleanup jiyunomegami* - client code cleanup Jean-Paul Bergeron* - client - skill experience related operators in #calc * Names as seen on Github, in-game names unknown And special thanks to everyone who helped by reporting the map issues they found.
  15. Client update, 195

    I uploaded the binaries for all the supported platforms (Windows, Linux, OSX and Android). They are on the download page: http://www.eternal-lands.com/page/download.php Please download the binary for your platform, but do NOT install it yet (do so after the server update). If you install it before you will experience map problems. For Android, if you have an older version installed, please uninstall the old client first, or do a "clear all data", or else the old maps will be used even if you have the new client. We should have the server update in a few days (this week). P.S. It would be nice to download the binaries right after reading this post, if you wait until the server update and everyone does the same it will take longer to download it.
  16. OMG again alts banned?

    Then I wonder why your client is sending data that it shouldn't send.
  17. OMG again alts banned?

    Let me give you a hint. It can auto restart the mix all process, when it stops.
  18. OMG again alts banned?

    Your client is sending some data it should not send. Are you sure it's not 'enhanced' in any way?
  19. Banned konec for macroing?

    The problem is not with mixing on the phone or with two clients or anything else. I asked you on the other thread what client you are using.
  20. Banned konec for macroing?

    Read and follow the forum rules.
  21. OMG again alts banned?

    Btw, what client are you using?
  22. OMG again alts banned?

    When eating food and making ashes has nothing to do with the macroing. This is not how our macro detection works (it's just there as more info for us to look at). At that particular time you didn't appear to lag out: Sat Apr 7 11:39:22 2018 Konec's last action was use / eat, 1 seconds ago, last produced (Ashes) Sat Apr 7 10:10:52 2018 Konec [ip] logged in [id: 205, sock: 214] Sat Apr 7 11:52:42 2018 Konec [ip] logged in [id: 205, sock: 9]
  23. Banned konec for macroing?

    Can server marks make items and attack rats?
  24. OMG again alts banned?

    You don't expect me to tell you how our anti macroing algorithm works, now do you? But let's take an example: On 26th of March you were macro killing rats in the IP rat cave. Sorry, that was a false alarm. Ok, how about 7th of April, Naralik storage, making ashes? Sat Apr 7 11:39:22 2018 Konec's last action was use / eat, 1 seconds ago, last produced (Ashes) Try to explain this one, then I will give you more to explain.