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  1. Expiring bots

    Payment for Silverleaf Purchase details Receipt number: 7J285093VN360920J We'll send confirmation to: situguildel@gmail.com
  2. SiTu is recruiting

    Seridia Irilion Trade Union SiTu is a Celtic Guild Like all other guilds in the alliance, we believe the most important thing is to have respect for one another. We Recruiting from NOOB to Celtic Warriors and all different Characters. We are a fairly laid back guild we have fun but we still strive for achievements. We are helpful and all the officers will respond to your requests. Most of our members play in the 10a-11pm EST time frame. We are open to other time zones! Our Alliance acts like one big guild. Why join SiTu? Seridia Irilion Trade Union has only a weekly time play requirement. We realize that not everyone has the same amount of time to play, some of us have families and work, while others are students in HS and College. Our goal is to have fun and help each other to get to whatever level they aspire to reach. Anyone is welcome to join as there are 2 requirements 18 age restrictions for membership, and be less two skills at level 20, not including Harvesting, just pm Agrilles in the game or leave a message. SiTu guild site Thanks, Agrilles GuildMaster
  3. sto sale

    How much for your hold storage?
  4. Player made quests via a network of bots

    I am not a programer, But i do have server, i can allow the quest bots to be host on. I do like different quests. If a programer would like to implement bot quests. They are welcome to use my server. I can set up admin rights to server. They like to use my server.
  5. Encyclopedia Errata

    Clrt + H > encyclopedia Tap> Armors> Torso , Legs, Feet, Helms Armor. It's all there
  6. It's not problem at all (Inner-guild problem). I just would think it would be nice to give out warning etc. I do not just let anyone use #Gm #Ig to limit the Announcements. So everyone can see Blue texts that do come up a lot in the past few months. You have to put yourself in my shoes, on average I do manage over 106 members. And 56 members log in past 64 days. With that in mind; I have large chat room. Then most guilds that I know of that use their guild chat room. 25 members log in past day. It can range between 9 members to 19, or so members at any giving time. agrilles
  7. I heard about Edit? When you edit your first post. The other forum users will not know. What the formal post is about. Which will confuse them. Correct me if i am wrong. If you are refer to spamming posts. which this is to spam the post not any way. I will edit my formal post since, I was ask to do so.
  8. Please delete this post 13. If it need. I have edit my formal post!
  9. Every guild has their own way to handle their executive decisions. Which situ does allow newly player ( newbie) which will make begin mistake in guild chat. This is just other way to warning them in stead of just telling them off. If you have guild chat, but you have no control of guild channel. It really silly to me. SiTu alway does the three strikes and your out!
  10. No worries Annatira, I understand alot of guild do use the #gm as their guild chat. The guild chat is there for any guild to use.
  11. as Csiga , you do not understand..We just #jc guild. Even with rank 0 you can still chat.
  12. I believe you missing what i mean is @guild: you can still chat even with reduce he/she rank it do not have the same effect.
  13. I was going to make a suggestion for guild channal a way to mute member(s) in guild chat as warnings/punishment. (edit: What i mean is the true @guild channel. Not for the guilds who use the #gm as the guild chat.) The only two way we have to warn them, is a blue text( I.E #gm) , or boot them. Which really defeats the purpose from #guild messages. If they are use obscene language for first-time offenders. Of course , I know a moderator is able to join your guild channel at any giving time. Why would i waste a game moderator time to fix or to warn a member and/or punishments do not stop the behavior, or result in worse behavior will be remove from guild channel (I.E kick from the guild). when guildmaster can give that warning him or her self by muting them for let said three minutes. I do use my guild chat on day to day basics. With guide line rules. Which no obscene language is not allow. I would like to warn them for their first-time offenders in guild chat. If this can be place into the guild command, or other suggestions will be most appreciated. (Edit: for post 13: If there was other way without just #remove player , or boot them from the guild. I'm up for any suggestions. I been doing this for 2 years. I dislike to have all members to use #gm. It is defeating the purpose of having guild chat for your guild.) Edit: This suggestion was made not for guild policies were for guild channel in general. It is for suggests have way to control our guild chat. Other than just #remove them. Which seens little bit heartless? Additional the first thing come to all guild leader just #remove them. We are all human and well make mistake time to time. That is why; I make this suggestion to improve the guild chat channel. Not for sort of god-complex as was show in the post below. If a command like #gwm (guild warning message) be in red text. Red text will have an effect warning for guild chat channel. But who knows , If this suggest will be place in-game. It is up for game developers to make that decision. I was looking for suggests to proved the guild chat channel not to start flaming or trolling in the topic thank you. Your suggestions will be appreciated. Sincerely, Agrilles Guild Master
  14. New and updated trade bot list

    Silverleaf and Meep_Meep are own by agrilles/darc0. Dieyou is own by bomwan