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  1. Old pr0 video

    rofl. the hobbit song. i loves the hobbitses. what did you say??
  2. Mortos Race

    Sign me in as a geek
  3. Stone Trading

    I've freshly picked a coord stone, the only problem was mother nature got it wrong. She was supposed to give me a phys stone. If anybody out there would like to correct mother nature's goof, and trade me a phys stone for my coord stone I'd be grateful. PM me in game, or post on this thread.
  4. Tomorrow (Sunday, 4th of November) Invasion

    I believe to say someone in this case is too high of levels can be misleading. For example, I can take being attacked by 1 DC, even two,and perhaps 3. However if you get 6 on me there is a good chance I can die. To survive an invasion you sometimes need to be 10-20 levels above what you are fighting to be able to survive both the multi attacks AND the lag. So perhaps saying someone is too high in this case is a bit inaccurate? Perhaps we need to define what we mean by too high... Do we define too high as you aren't going to die? Or do we define too high as if you can survive for 2 minutes... Or perhaps do we define too high as meaning you have absolutely no chance to even get scratched by the monsters? At the end of the day the invasions should be fun for EVERYONE who wants to participate. That should mean players attacking the monsters they feel comfortable fighting in the invasion, not just what their levels dictate perhaps.
  5. Help support a good cause & win prizes

    muahahahah melchloren, I think I do have 5 tickets...*hopes for 5 prizes*
  6. Ancient wisdom in Thelinor

    MilesP, Adranbach, Echo, Sweetthang
  7. Saving Stones

    When you have rare items, it is in the best interests of those who have trained the skill to have the requirements to make it be as hard as they possibly can. I too have the levels, and nearly all the nexus required to make the stone even if it does go up to arti 7(only 1 arti short). I think moving this up to Arti 7 and perhaps even bumping the required level up a bit higher would be great. I'm all for limiting the number of people who can make it. Eventually there will be many many people who can make it, but for now reward those who have worked so very hard. When CoL and CoM's were released there were only about 10 of us active who could make them. Ironically 3 of the 10 where Ghrae, Shallara and I. Now they are common place. The saving stone will have the same fate, it is simply a matter of time.
  8. A Change in Success since the Server Move?

    I have a brilliant idea. You previously stated how you did with SRS. That's great, it shows you seem so far to be having about normal success. You've said your peace. Now, you are not positively contributing to the thread anymore. The point of this thread is for people to post stats about their experiences since the server switch. Not debate on if you think the subject matter of this thread is relevant or not. Radu himself said he was noticing some tendencies in the logs, and is watching it, as well as requesting numbers from the general EL public to make a determination if there has been a shift in the odds either for better or worse.
  9. A Change in Success since the Server Move?

    We moved to a new server with a new operating system. That means there has been a change. I wasn't going to specifically mention this but maybe I will now. Radu and I discussed this, and he asked me to put up this thread to see if there would be more reports of unusual activity on the new server. So the point isn't to say X player is having bad luck, or Y player is having good luck and just deal with it, the point is, are people noticing specific differences. 1/4 when it should be 8/10 is a measureable fact. 1/3 when it should be 3/3 is a measureable fact 99/100 when it should be 99/100 is a measureable fact. That is the point. I can't go out and get the stuff to make 100 CoL's to see if it will even out in the long run, so I'm investigating to see if anyone else see's the trend. The fact of the matter is that NONE of the top crafters qualified to make Crowns had failed 3/4 since they were manuable. It just does not happen.
  10. A Change in Success since the Server Move?

    Ever hear about posting only posts applicable to the topic at hand? Your post has no bearing here. Simply looking to see if there is actually a trend or not. Posts like yours on this thread are irrevelant, unnecessary and break forums rules by not staying on topic. Please note. I'm not moaning or complaining in this thread. The failure/success rates seem to have been altered since the server move. I'm trying to confirm or disprove this.
  11. Since the server move I think I'm seeing a trend towards more failures. For me I've noticed it most on the rare items. I make CoL's, and generally have an 80/85% success rate. Since the server move I have a 25% success rate(1/4). I've seen an alcher lvl 75 fail 2/3 hydro bars, and an ELE with an enrichment stone. All of this within the last 24 hours. Has anyone else seen increased failures?
  12. Update changes

    Mana Destruct also disappear if not used in combat.
  13. Update changes

    I can now verify the CoL formula is correct.
  14. Update changes

    I LOVE the changes as a top crafter that's sort of a DUH statement isn't it? After playing with the new changes I do have a suggestion. I think the base experience on thread is too high. Maybe 5 instead of 10 would be appropriate. For example 12 threads = more experience than a dis ring. 29 thread = an emerald valley trade route ring. I'm all for a way to let people get the 0 off their crafting, and it's great to be able to make thread as a manufacturer. However bone powder gives 1 exp, is making thread rerally worth 10x the exp of bone powder? Once again GREAT UPDATE!