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  1. I am quitting EL

    Handy take this coming from some1 who quit and hasn't played in a year... It's the best thing u could ever do... Join the gym get a girl lol this game ruins ur life takes away from u.. I wasted 2 years of my life running around with a branch making the Europeans and radu hate me but get back to real life it's the best thng for u
  2. Attention KF PKers

    I will branch u. Till ur camera breaks... How's that sound
  3. Who the hell are you?

    I am PoOkies king of all EL... People fear once i walk on hallow ground, I am the destroyer of evil... lmfaooo
  4. watch out for VaMpIrEsIxTeeN!

    ill sit on vampire boy
  5. Whats the best way to make gc?

    Sell your self to LuciFerX
  6. Time for Instances

    liquid your a frackn nuub i declare Brodx war on ur ass PLXX ty ty
  7. Some more negative perks

    radu will never use any of your perks
  8. Flee time decreased

    There is a tricck to fleeing, you idiots think its completey random. Fleeing the wrong and right way could mean a difference of nearly 60k exp a hour. Learn how to train the right way nuubs
  9. Places to train?

    if you want a place to train just pm me in game therealpooks.... i will let u pvp in my cave for a small charge but at least ur safe no chance of anyone comeing in... I have a couple of bots
  10. EL dreams?

    If your haveing dreams about this game just send me a PM ill send you to the nearest phycho ward
  11. The Greatest EL Player

    this might be the best list ive seen but i think your missing a couple names like NitAger, Siariato, ambr0,....all enemys but they helped out el PK scene but its really unfortunate that out that entire list i think 3 names play consistantly
  12. annihilation was in PkG a while ago, professional NuUb ask Liquid or quimbly
  13. Who the hell are you?

    I think this game actually needs to go back to 1 server bc im jsut noticing how people are jacking other peoples names from main server to PK server... i jsut think thats pretty gay
  14. PkG back?

    Ive been away from el for about a year, i have to admit i left bc of anger and frustration, i think i was alos banned to but thats besides the point... IM asking if PkG cam to the PK server would anyone be intrested in joining? Im just trying to help bring back this game...
  15. Getting More Players To Try PK Server

    I'm not sure if there is a P/C cap on this server but if you really want this server to take off and become like Pk was 2-4 years ago then what you need is p/c to be unlimited and idc what it cost $$$ allow players to get roll backs to get there account and play on this server.... Example me being allowed to get PoOKies back...Also with what liquid said which is smart would be no COST to go on server and let Radu open up his little shop os selling rostos thermals BroD