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  1. What happened to all the oldbies

    albuqureque.... hmm seems the mods sitll ahte me... so how you all doing?!
  2. What happened to all the oldbies

    haha its good to hear some of you are still here but im afraid if i go into the game and i "be myself" ill be banned in a matter of minutes... again
  3. What happened to all the oldbies

    i know some of them still come by once and i while and ive been wanting to know what happened to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so fi you guys ee this post just tell me what youve been up to and maybe a screen name or a guild wars account so i can annoy you in that game too well Ciao!
  4. Rant On the World

    frinkin a i hate politics....
  5. Word association

  6. OH it makes sence now...

    is this where roja got the lazer beam bear thingy from??? some werid flash
  7. As Long as Eternity

    "oh ya duh... ok ill be nice just ask me for his picture and ill show you " , shadow forgets to mention
  8. As Long as Eternity

    (out of no where) "GUYS LOOK AT THIS PICTURE OF MATRIXX!!!" , screams shadow "EBIL" , rescreams Matrixx
  9. Black List.

  10. HaHa this amused me

    its not like im coming back to el or anything but i thought of el when i saw this
  11. Odd El Website. Anyone Know What This Is?

    ya i helpped him
  12. Life As A Shadow: The Return Of The Shadow

    did reboots or tummy's have a point? exactly
  13. Life As A Shadow: The Return Of The Shadow

    my bomber
  14. these are acutual qoutes form my chat log Book 1 Our old server crashed, and we lost all the data,including the player stats (the last backups were corrupted). So, unfortunately, you will have to start again, and even recreate your character. Sorry for this probelm, from now on we will back up weekely, and insure their integrity. [shadowCIRcuit]: yay my time outs over [silvara]: lol ShadowCIRcuit: guess what otl: hi shadow [PM from Raen: times out>?] [PM to Raen: oh yea i almost got bannd for 2 DAYS] [PM from Raen: lol, fro what?] [PM from Raen: o.O] ShadowCIRcuit: my timeouts is over ShadowCIRcuit: ben otl: ty raen ShadowCIRcuit: ben Raen: sure ShadowCIRcuit: ben TirasHazor: ? ShadowCIRcuit: ben ShadowCIRcuit: hey [jpb]: come fight in the lucky punch areana! [shadowCIRcuit]: yea Welcome to White Stone, Lakeside Village EnTeRnAlKnIgHt: D0 n0t g0 t0 h3ll pl34s3 [shadowCIRcuit]: hello [shadowCIRcuit]: fine.. [sproogle]: how does one switch channels? [shadowCIRcuit]: #jc (number) [sproogle]: how many are there? [ember]: #jc (channel number) like #jc 3 for market #jc 1 to get back [shadowCIRcuit]: to 999999999 Welcome to the "lucky punch arena" Warning! You just entered a PKing map! This means other players can attack you! ShadowCIRcuit: wee Welcome back to WSC ShadowCIRcuit: this is fun Welcome to the "lucky punch arena" jpb took a long walk of a short pier [PM to DoubleK: hey theres a low lvl summoning bear in lpa go kill him i thought i saw him with a cape] #Message from Cicero: Presidential Debate: #jc 872 [PM from DoubleK: where] [PM to DoubleK: lucky punch] You joined channel 872 [shadowCIRcuit]: i hate polotics [PM to DoubleK: yes] [Lord_Nightmare]: .R O F L [skarth]: Johnkerryisadouchebagbutimvotingforhimanywas.com [lord_pain]: im out of here [silvara]: lol [PM from DoubleK: he is friend] [PM to DoubleK: oh nvm] [silvara]: bush isn't so bad. [Cicero]: Just wondering . . . how many people here can vote? [soldus]: hahahahaha [shadowCIRcuit]: i still hate polotics.. [L_c]: vote for Bush. Ruining America is an 8 year job. [shadowCIRcuit]: hey clintin proved that LD [sproogle]: how do I switch back to the noob channel???/ [Lord_Nightmare]: bush cant even dress himself, how he gonna run the nation? [shadowCIRcuit]: #exit [shadowCIRcuit]: [shadowCIRcuit]: how many ppl do you think look like osama in the middle east ..just bomb them all [shadowCIRcuit]: hey guys simple awnser to fuel!! HEMP! [Lord_Nightmare]: rofl [L_c]: LOL shadow! and true, too [shadowCIRcuit]: yea but the youll see some idiot smoking hemp paPER [shadowCIRcuit]: and canadas just sitting there like whats going on eh? [Lord_Nightmare]: lol shadow TirasHazor: erm TirasHazor: newbie isle is gone. Forgotten: Radu hates you... he told me so this morning [Cicero]: I'm waiting for Comedy Central's interpretation... TirasHazor: Not sure if it's erased from the server, but it's inaccessable unless you have #tp ;p TirasHazor: Who? x.X ShadowCIRcuit: #skip ShadowCIRcuit: #skip ShadowCIRcuit: #skip Swiss: shush... TirasHazor slaps shadow. ShadowCIRcuit: :_| TirasHazor pokes swiss TirasHazor: hates who? x.X ShadowCIRcuit: #gonoob ShadowCIRcuit: coffee we need to have coffee in this game and like bars right across from each other then we can say this game resembles rl TirasHazor: RS has coffee? TirasHazor: . TirasHazor: ..oh TirasHazor: he said RS.. TirasHazor: no he said rl TirasHazor: =/ TirasHazor: I wanna slap someone. ShadowCIRcuit: ok ShadowCIRcuit: kljgdlojhf ShadowCIRcuit: kugdlkjgh ShadowCIRcuit: kjfkljfh ShadowCIRcuit: ujfkgfkj ShadowCIRcuit: ghjkgh ShadowCIRcuit: jfkijh TirasHazor: You're obviously at the beam, considering the only people that can hear you are at the beam TirasHazor: shadow, sthu. Swiss: stfu he means... it'll be okay TirasHazor: No, I mean shut the heck up. ;p TirasHazor: Mike is being a dingbat and wont come on EL =/ Swiss: sure... Swiss: kick him [PM to Hera: hello] [PM from Hera: hello] [PM to Hera: so] [PM to DoubleK: dont kill me ] [PM to DoubleK: youll see why] [PM from DoubleK: what ever ] [PM from Hera: so you dont have to worry about me ... just the others here] [PM to DoubleK: i have a 10% of kiling herA] [PM to Hera: no i have mirror skin] [PM from Hera: I've handled mirror skin before ... I only do about 250-260 in damage so that doesn't bother me] Warning! This leads into a PK(player killing) map. Welcome to Kilaran Field Warning! You just entered a PKing map! This means other players can attack you! [PM to Hera: yea it was me last time ] NuKeR had a minor accident. [PM from Hera: thats what I thought ... and I have better healing now too] [PM from DoubleK: how did that work] [PM to Hera: dont heal thsi is fun] [PM to DoubleK: what work?] [PM from DoubleK: u said u can kill hera] [PM to DoubleK: 10% chance] [PM from DoubleK: oh] Warning! This leads into a PK(player killing) map. Welcome to Kilaran Field Warning! You just entered a PKing map! This means other players can attack you! NuKeR will meet you back at the respawn point. [PM to DoubleK: too bad she hits first] [PM from DoubleK: yeah] [PM to DoubleK: i got her to 123 health last time] [PM from DoubleK: lol how] [PM to DoubleK: mirror skin ] [PM from DoubleK: i have that also] [PM to DoubleK: but this is all the char has] [PM from DoubleK: lol] [PM to DoubleK: wanna help me then] Welcome to White Stone, Lakeside Village [PM from DoubleK: no thank u] Welcome to Desert Pines! Welcome to the Mynadar, Valley of the Dwarves! Warning! This leads into a PK(player killing) map. Welcome to Kilaran Field Warning! You just entered a PKing map! This means other players can attack you! Hera took a long walk off a short pier NuKeR checks out early. more to come
  15. I So Lost

    im so lost and im getting cold atleast tell me where i am!! heres a screenie