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  1. P2P expiration, 5 October

    Could you check "Tvinn" also please?
  2. Character description

    When I started playing I was first worried about what the shop could do for people that pay. It didnt take long before I realized it was not affecting the game like other free MMO:s (more exp and things like that). I'd just like to say that char description, for MONEY, could scare ppl. And it worries me anyway right now Nice feature, but even if 1cent it feels damn strange. *EDIT: I am a happy Draegoni =) <3 Tvinn
  3. Cyprom's Whitestone Madness Invasion

    I liked it ALOT! I could kill stuff myself. And close to WS and the village protecting players! YAY!
  4. How old are you?

    26 very soon
  5. Musicians?

    Guitars: Albin Hagström 1972, "Hagstrom" (Electric. Priceless for me) Samick 6-string (Acoustic) Samick 12-string (Acoustic) Violin (made by grandfather) And Reason 3.0(.4) on PC =)
  6. #cls crashes client

    Hey guys! After some time in the game "#cls"-command makes my client crash. For some reason i does not crash when it's just started. Same problem in past version. (win32) Later.. Tvinn
  7. Can't play

    I don't think someone will do that for you :/ Go to your Eternal-Lands folder and open EL.ini Look for "#use_point_particles = 1" and replace 1 with 0. Look for "#limit_fps=0" and replace 0 with 30. Hope that helps
  8. #cls crashes client

    Thanks alot guys!
  9. #cls crashes client

    Ok thanks!
  10. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Boards of Canada - [Music Has the Right to Children] #10 Roygbiv I love you