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  1. Sky client test 5

    Not sure if this is the right thread. I noticed a sign dropping a shadow while walking in Idaloran. EDIT: Every line is nice and green when I start EL except these two: Couldn't find the GL_ATI_texture_compression_3dc extension, not using it... Couldn't find the GL_EXT_texture_compression_latc extension, not using it... <3 Tvinn
  2. Big Bang and Black Holes

    good approach to the world when you are near a black hole you get stretched not compressed, which sounds counter intuitive but is a result of basic newtonian equations that say gravity is inversley proportional to the square of the distance between the masses, so your feet get pulled a lot more than your head. nothing ever reaches the singularity in the time frame of the singularity and so you would never enter the black hole since it would take forever to reach the singularity, even though a person could watch something fall into a black hole. there is no time in a black hole if a force can stop light then all of relativity breaks down and lengths of time always come out to inifinty. I meant the center of the "hole" is extremly compressed, but seems not What your saying about getting stretched is what I tried to explain. And I'm kind of stepping away more then approaching the world by now :/ To much crap going on I cry myself to sleep (not really). Everything else... just interesting! <3 Tvinn
  3. leather gloves in tools

    And we have pickaxe under Weapons. I know it has damage stats, but lots of bad stats also. Gloves have defense (armor). I think pickaxe should be removed from Weapons. Leather gloves should stay in those categories AND exist in tools as well. <3 Tvinn
  4. Sky client test 5

    Camera Rotation Speed=100 Fine Rotatoin Speed=25 I rotate the same amount at the same speed whether pressing shift or not. Do you rotate with mouse? I think the fine rotation is for shift+arrows. That works fine for me. And Fine Rotation 25 is alot, maby thats why there is no difference. I have mine at 5 Try it! /Tvinn
  5. Sky client test 5

    Huge differrence! Why would I post here if not? One day old client as well >_< I have very sensitive settings so outide I spin around char two and a half time It depends also on how fast you do it so I tried as slow as possible. Inside it turns around char bit more then half circle. I tried to lower my rotation speed from 60 to 45 and the difference is still huge. It seems everyone don't have this problem. *This started with the Sky test clients. Hope I'm not alone :/ <3 Tvinn *EDIT: info
  6. Sky client test 5

    Same strange thing as in all other sky clients, and it really troubles me. The camera rotation is much slower when I am inside. This is while holding mouse3 or middle button. I also get this as many others, Tvinn's Pickaxe just broke... So sad.. Your Pickaxe has been destroyed You stopped harvesting. SPECIAL_EFFECT_unknown:19 <3 Tvinn
  7. Sky test 3

    The cam has different rotation speed for me, and I believe it changes when outside or inside. (holding mouse3) I've not had this problem since the Sky tests. <3 Tvinn
  8. I always vote if it applies to me. Also post a comment to let *admins/mods know why I voted like I did, if needed. <3 Tvinn *EDIT: thought it was Ent's post
  9. Sent PMs in forum don't get saved in "Sent Items". A bit annoying. <3 Tvinn
  10. Big Bang and Black Holes

    I read the first post only to make my own honest reply... I believe in me, and accept it. I believe what I see. (Knowing) I don't believe in anything that stupid, scared human monkeys have come up with. All *ist's for ex. Religions.. w/e. I think black holes are insane gravity, so if you get close it pulls you in at such extreme speed that your whole body (body for example lol) wont get pulled at the same time. Therefore you dissolve - but dissapear? Nah, I think it gets compressed at some insanely dense level... the black hole that is. Extreme measures "Thinking" is entertaining, but crap actually. *teasing for replies* <3 Tvinn *EDIT: typo
  11. Unofficial EL Forums

    Nothanks I don't want ppl I don't know to have my IP. <3 Tvinn
  12. State Alchemy Exam

    > Off Topic > Misc?
  13. The Pro's of the game

    I wont ever get involved in other then main server playing again. EDIT: I'm no pro \o/!! Leaving EL for a while (see forum > bans)
  14. Really needed to ban me?

    Why did you have to BAN me from test server? First of all, I LEFT before you banned, so why o why? No reply to my PM, so I'm posting here. Really curious. I did a little mistake in believing you wanted ppl above a/d 50, but you meant Top rank 50. Ya I know.. lol lmao 'n all that... I try to help out on test server as much as I can, because I really enjoy it. I'm sorry for my mistake. But I feel a ban is far from right. Did I break any written rule? I even heard a MOD recently talking to someone and said, you can be on the test server as long as you don't interfere (?) I don't see a point, except giving all pr0's a good laugh. They are still laughing. Thanks //Edit: I think I'm satisfied with so many ppl just reading the post. This is what happened and I don't expect anything from what I've learned. Not even a reply.. unban, apology or opinion. It's not my loss in any way. I choose to stay off test server. What upsets me is that this is the first "wrong" I've done in my EL-life and I far from agree or understand :/ Edit\\ <3 Tvinn
  15. Really needed to ban me?

    I just heard there was a bunch of people on test server watching. Not even top200. And people were adviced not to attack them. What the hell ist that? That really upsets me. And makes me really sad. This is the game's top god/admin I cant find words. But I'm staying away from lots of them. God dammit! *Edit: Details.. I'm leaving EL for a while - because I love it.
  16. Tutorial quest poll

    Ahh, reminds me of 'Knightmare II: The Maze of Galious' oh the memories -_- Found a remake in work Hope they didnt change the music. http://www.braingames.getput.com/mog/ Sorry for a bit off-topic, but I like the idea and your resoponse. *Edit: Forgot link, lol <3 Tvinn
  17. Screenshot Thread

    Here's my photo album: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...um&album=41 These are just the nice latest one's.. I have alot more, hilarious and old sceens but I would have to ask lots of ppl first. lots of them would not be allowed here either (3gm ring a bell? >_<) <3 Tvinn
  18. The Pro's of the game

    I agree with Jezebelle. Other than that, theres always something to do, skill or not. It feels endless and I have plans stretching years ahead. I've tried to find other games at times but I end up slapping myself saying it don't get better than this. I play very relaxed and I'm trying all the skills except potions... heh, so far. And I think I know why players get burned out (a/d rush to PK). And oh! The EL-shop does not destroy the game balance and make it unfair like all other 'Free' MMORPGs. I even felt they deserve to get something bought after my first year. Now I'm on my second and I'm looking at a nice sword soon EL is a strange love and I can't see an end to it. EDIT: I'm no pro \o/ Leaving EL for a while (I managed two days away rofl). I'm back! ;D <3 Tvinn
  19. Tutorial quest poll

    I got an idea just the other day when helping people on IP. Include cooking raw meat in the tourial =) For that you need to mix your first FE, or maby more appropriate buying at magic shop.
  20. We? What a joykill. Any way, thread soon on third page =)
  21. The Greatest EL Player

    "Who was the best" I don't know much about EL history and it's players. But from what I know I really admire asgnny's dedication and his style in keeping things on track. Also Annatira, for her playing style and ofc personality, helping and healing people wich has inspired me to do the same when I'm not working a skill. Very different but in my opinion really the greatest players I know. In a weird way I would like to mention the EL-spirit. The community. Beats any game, any time. <3 Tvinn
  22. Sky Test client 2

    Oh YES!!! I can spin cam without lag ;P This is exactly what's needed (view distance). And I love the sky! Hooray, thank you and good job!
  23. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    I found Will Removal Stone, while harvesting dung in EVTR
  24. Guess the movie

    Before the Devil Knows You're Dead! Very good movie!
  25. World of Warcraft! LOL!

    Annihilation sharing his heart again :/