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  1. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    will removal - red snaps, WS reasoning removal - silver cave, MM
  2. Book orgizantion

    I have "a.menu"-file to get some... !info guild?||#guild_info <guild> player?||/gossip about <player> know?||#know <filter> perks||#list_perks gods||#list_gods ARM||#arm STO||#storage AFK||#afk msgs||#msg all //T
  3. I use knowledge filter in user .menu - Know?||#know <filter> Thats would be same as "Print Highlighted To Console"-option I believe. Storage have this option when a category is selected! Also, the selected skill on Counters-tab could use this option? Session-tab to console? Heck, why not #commands to handle all Stat-tabs along with <filter> swithch? I like text-commands! Very useful when sharing info with guildies, like books collecting dust, knowledge not researched or w/e char-related data GUI can shows. Sorry if this is misplaced, bad or old thoughts. //T
  4. Traceroutes

    First 3 hops would make me pull the power and boot something else, if not 3G. Buy you talked to your ISP and they don't block 2000! They would know if someone did officially. Strange. Hoping for a solution (3G block) besides proxy myself. //Tvinn
  5. Adopt a newbie program started

    Tvinn adopted meshuggah =)
  6. Adopt a newbie program started

    Tvinn adopted Falcar =)
  7. Gold membership

    I have the same answer to all games that fall in the "Premium"-(shop/account) category: I would rather pay $/month and have a clean game. And more EXP for money is my goddam online-gaming ENEMY!!! Anything but this. <3 Tvinn
  8. Adopt a newbie program

    I'm up for adopting a newbie or two! If I can help besides that, just let me know. I can give something prize-like if needed also =) *EDIT: Correctomundo! <3 Tvinn
  9. Non fighting creature

    I asked someone at the top for an opinion, and was told it would be "very very" difficult to do. Unfortunately I got no answer about what >_< I can't figure out what could be that hard, except animating "brushing up against a players leg". I just see larger numbers, reversed code and stuff that already exist, so I'm a bit confused. Livestock skill \o/
  10. Non fighting creature

    I guess I did not mean something to chase, just something that is hard to see that hunts you (for killing or for love) I do like the idea that things could scare it away. Would be a neat AI program to offset Lenny Yes =) And perhaps a non harming playground for those coding.
  11. Non fighting creature

    It's suppose to sound like a real cat >_< Just one cat in the whole world is a bit sci-fi story wise and would make the rarity in it's acting too much. One cat with these properties is on the other hand similair to many with high rarity =) Still I have trouble seeing how to succeed interacting that way, with my idea of a social somewhat phenomenon. I suggest there are a few around, but very aware about their surroundings. If one appears, the best thing you could do is to sit still and hope nothing frightens it. A player moving up next to the cat would be a bad idea. Someone chatting with lots of exclamation marks could make the cat run \o/ Basic thought was a social happening outside player control. Not something to chase and score.
  12. Non fighting creature

    Hopefully a very high rarity makes chasing hopeless. Or it simply runs away feeling unsafe. I've heard that a cat stroking your leg, is their way of saying you belong to them I mean, it's up to the cat, and the blessing is a result of the... love Fluffs, sure, but they have other purposes. Keeping it very realistic can be very cool. Imagine a few people being still, doing whatever, with no other creatures that could upset the cat. The chance cat might approach increases and after a while it might lie down, make a noise or act satisfied in some way. This could trigger the possibility of a blessing happening at all.
  13. The unicorn is the only one fully immune to attacks that I know. My idea is cats that exist here and there, that react to a character in a nice way. A sound, brushing up against a players leg (not literally with animations), showing affection. Chasing rats, and some magic ability that a player could recieve. It's ability to relate, react and bless a player should be rare I believe, and if not an existing spell, the "blessing" could be one or a few hours with something a special day can bring. For the game to explain it in the world, I haven't thought much. Not the most needed either I guess since their ways are loving towards humans, so the reason it can't be attacked is more a human inability rather than a cat with special powers. "Your stomach turns and you ask yourself why o why?" or similar could appear. Loose ideas hoping for more suggestions on the suggestions. Tiny to huge characteristics, I think it can be a nice thing lolcatz can be entertaining. Hope it isn't with this idea. <3 Tvinn
  14. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    My WoW character is called "Eiphex". Take that + my EL name and you might figure it out ;D (Hint: UK artist)
  15. test

    was unable to post on my guild forum. this is pure test to see if anything can come out from this crazy blocked place :/ Well then... I'll be back ASAP no doubt. Moving and all that, 3v++. Sucks very very much atm. I feel the dung exp passing me every minute \o/. Sorry for the late post / notice. Hugz and love <3 Tvinn