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  1. Animal Removal Stone

    *Bump* If not bidded on in 24 hours, it goes to a bot.
  2. Storage sale!

    Ill take rabbit furs and rat tails. Ty
  3. Selling random stuff in my storage

    Ill take raw meat
  4. Look at my goods

    32k for both rostos
  5. Invasions/NDD.

    Yeah, umm I dont understand this community sometimes . First off, Radu has been giving days to non fighters. So pls get your facts straight. 2nd off, Invasions and NDD's are pr0 for economy. More fights = more essesences used; more armors broke; more pots used; more rings used; more summon stones used; etc. That eventually means more business for the non fighters. Wtf!? Why do peopel complain about these days? Tell me how a non fighter can not be benefiting from this? Wtf do some people have to complain? I do understand Zamirah's point of time differences. Im lucky enuff to live in a time zone where I do benefit from most of the days and invasions and such. But you also have to look at this from Radu's point of view. Obviously he's busy IRL. He's gonna do these days and such when its convenient for him which I dont blame him, i would do the same. But it would be cool to see it spread out to different time zones.
  6. "Catch us if you can - PK Event"

    Who knows who will show up at the right now, we are "full" atm but idk. If someone doesnt show up. ur welcome to join.
  7. Auction Red Dragon Set

  8. blessed bots need rationality

    Very annoying. Maybe if you cant add rationality, add a defense towards perks.
  9. blessed bots need rationality

    Yep, I already know one guy who had a alt with mirrow skin perk, and was taking out pooks ~kGn Same guy doing it to us today, starting to really piss me off
  10. blessed bots need rationality

    People are gonna annoy the hell outta guard bots now
  11. Vitality Removal Stone

  12. "Catch us if you can - PK Event"

    DoA team as of now. Subject to change. Kidberg Kraden Robotbob Randmck Smurf Rairor Cissysauce Marr Horace gp_
  13. "Catch us if you can - PK Event"

    i would be so happy if u could this time participate with actual guild members instead of high lvls again, your decision but would make this lot more fun. better than if we just ask all high lvls to join our teams as for kTF/300 team, there will just be the usual members of those guilds i guess... with a nice strategy tho All are guild members with the exception of 2....
  14. "Catch us if you can - PK Event"

    DoA has a team mixed with a few other guilds. Team names will be posted when for sure. Our team is "full" maybe a slot or two open but we are very picky on who we let in.
  15. Storage cleaning

    I'll take that.
  16. "Catch us if you can - PK Event"

    Markus, anyway you can change that date? Thats SUPERBOWL sunday here. Most people wont be online
  17. Who will win the superbowl?

    Too bad this is 2007-08 season huh
  18. Who will win the superbowl?

    Patriots = Superbowl 42 Champs. Period.
  19. Where Have The Rost's Gone ?

    We are trying to revive pk and people want the rosto price to increase Yea ok, say the price was 30k, its better to lose that than 500k worth of stuff but that 30k add's up to the point were pk gets too expensive to compete with ------> leading to a decline in pk once again. Conavar said he lost 2 rostos in one day. 32k isnt as bad to restore as 60k. And the buyers do not set the price if you refuse to sell for the price they want it at.
  20. Buying Vitality Removal Stones

    Buying Vitality Removal Stones. Post your offers here for however many and price. Or pm me ingame
  21. Auction

  22. Auction

  23. New PK contest

    Gratz to winners Had fun, hope to be on the attacker side next contest Thanx all