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  1. The invasion yesterday

    Just zap them to KF or better yet, TD if they have a rost. I like that idea.
  2. MM capes at the ws cape seller

    I pm bots constantly to check if i want to buy anything. Its hard to do that when i have half of them on ignore. Many others arent willing to put them on ignore either, thus leading to the abandonment of the market channel. But this isnt a market channel thread so lets leave it at that pls
  3. MM capes at the ws cape seller

    I dont think the issue is that mm cloaks are becoming rare, plenty of people have plenty. I myself have 3 or 4, cant remember. Its the fact that no one uses market channel anymore because of bot spam and mm cloak is too little of an item to post on forums. Only other option is to put mm cloak in a bot to sale and the buyer has to search through all the bots to find what they are looking for. When I my a/d < 50, i kept the market channel on constantly because there was limited or no bot spam and I could deal with it. Most people did back then therefore having a better presentation of items to the EL community.
  4. Network issues

    Western NC is fine. And no, its not only a US problem, Randmck is having problems as well at the same time as everyone else in Australia
  5. Want to have a guild map?

    Under the attributes: [allow_spellcasting] min_x: min_y: max_x: max_y: value: 0 [/allow_spellcasting] Make sure your value is set to 0. I hope you know how to do the rest. The use withs are only told by Roja, you will have to get the specific numbers from her.
  6. Post your video card info here

    Same thing happens to me IntelĀ® 82865G Graphics Controller Video Card: Intel 865G Vendor ID: Intel OpenGL Version: 1.3.0 - Build
  7. White Tiger Fur, ores, meats and bones!

    Ill take meat
  8. Total War Revival

    I know there is plenty of room in ws. But ws is a big big map. People get discouraged to do something if they have to walk a long way to do something. If the bot was easier to get to, and if both bots were near each other, it would be more advertising imo.
  9. Total War Revival

    pr0 idea. Id be interested in participating for sure. I think there should be a way to sort of even out the teams. How you would do that, i got no clue atm. The fee shouldnt be too much because if it is, it will discourage people from joining. Maybe 500gc-1kgc would be a good fee total in joining and leaving. The bots should be on a semi easy to get to map. Maybe votd if radu would allow it, but put them away from storage, maybe near female orc temple or on the way to tg. What would be the guild tags for the two teams?
  10. The Myspace kid

    wtf, this kid is outta his mind.
  11. Viva PK!

    Ftw, DoA and L.A. pk all the time
  12. Selling a couple things

    Price rosto?
  13. Buying SGoUD

    Buying Steel Greaves of Uber Defense. Please post your offers here or contact me ingame.
  14. JeJe..Offloading Some Items!

    Pls reserve for me.
  15. Animal Removal Stone

    Auctioning Animal Removal Stone Bid Starts at 250k Increments of 1k