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  1. Today is Peace Day

    WTF is this thread up again? BS. You've complained enough, please get over it.
  2. Drop Free PKing Maps!

    @Korrode. You may calculate ur chances and w/e, but when you dis/tele on sight, that shows nothing but your a coward. Conavar has my highest respect because no matter what he encounters, he will fight until he cannot anymore. He doesnt run right when he see's he will more than likely lose a battle, he stands and fights. That earns my respect no matter what. No drop map is a bad idea, ive already agreed with ville. It would be nothing more than a TD map or the enemy command. Imo, having NDD is something to look forward to and something we can earn. Its not something that can be wore out very quickly. The map would get old just like TD did, and just like the set enemy command did.
  3. Selling some good stuff

    Black Dragon Plate Mail - Offer Black Dragon Cuisses - Offer Jagged Saber - 21k Red Dragon Cuisses - Offer
  4. Selling some good stuff

    *BUMP* I will take into consideration trades as well that equal or come near the value of what I'm expecting.
  5. Drop Free PKing Maps!

    This is the best post Ive saw yet on this thread.
  6. Buying

    He is buying that, not selling
  7. In WoW, i heard they got metal chickens you can do that with? Lets get them pls pls pls roflmao
  8. I would really like to see that too, its way too unrealistic right now. Ships that will instantly teleport you to another land? Oh yea, then most noobs would never make it off IP.
  9. Selling some good stuff

    It sold already sorry
  10. Selling some good stuff

    Sorry for the unclarification even though it should be implied. SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY
  11. Selling lots of various things

    Ill buy gypsum
  12. Energy Problems

  13. Peace Day?

    Wtf leave it peace day and let the other people whine. Peace day is pr0 name. Its not a matter thats so serious anyways.
  14. steel greaves of uber def 2

    Goodluck. I pay 250k for them
  15. Peace Day?

    Awwwwww, im guessing you want a cookie to cheer you up? It makes peace day actually fun instead of sitting in storage being bored to death alching if your a trainer/fighter. You just need to be cautious where you go. Ent put these things ingame for a reason.
  16. MoM

    MoL isnt 7k....
  17. Use For Platinum (or new coin)

    You forgot 1 rostogol stone
  18. Buddy List Bug?

    Weird. Idk what happen.
  19. LoW! market

    10k coal, 5k iron
  20. These items are for AUCTION, this isnt a buy it now price. Wow. Please read. 200k for cuisses of cooldownremoval
  21. NOTE: This is auction is for Citric, NOT KIDBERG. Auctioning Modable Steel Long Sword. Bidding starts at 5k Increments of 1k Bidding ends when Citric feels like it I guess Buy it now: 15k Payment options: FPs, Sulfur, Iron ore, Coal, serp stones, and binding stones.
  22. Auctioning Modable Steel Long Sword

    SOLD for buy it now price.
  23. Auctioning Modable Steel Long Sword

    Bump Cit added new prices
  24. Have yet to face a problem with RC 8
  25. Selling Ess

    There's a pk market thread for this isnt there?