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  1. Question about the economy

    Some people save and get as much gc as possible. They would do that go from bot to bot. Im with you though, I would rather just sell to a player.
  2. Question about the economy

    If people would stand firm on not selling for anything but ingreds price then we would be ok. But like i said it wont happen because you will always have someone give in. You have people like the some people on this thread that could care less. If manuers would stop making great swords so the supple of them decrease, then the price would rise to what we wanted it to because it would be the only swords anyone could buy. People either take a loss (which is stupid) or make the sword while paying for the serp stones, binding stones etc, and go get the rest ingreds themselves to only get somewhat of a profit. (not as much as they could have) How the F*** can you say this? I own a bot and i agree with conavar. Even if he quit using it, bots would still control the market. Just because he ignores them doesnt mean that they dont control the market anymore? Wtf rofl. I set my bot prices pretty evenly but heres the problem: I set Citrine to buy a binding stone at 7kgc (normal price). The guy with a binding stone comes along and sees that Cit is buying for that price so he advertises to sell it on market. When a buyer pops up with "I'll buy for 7kgc" he then replys "well a bot buys for that? if your going to just pay that then i'll just sell to a bot" Then the buyer says "ok well i'll pay 7.2kgc" Which leads to increasing prices and: INFLATION FTW!
  3. Question about the economy

    Greed FTW! You know an *easy* solution to this is: ALL mixers have to come to an agreement and "go on strike" to not sell anything below ingreds price. It would take some time and it would hurt the mixers for a while but soon supplies of stuff would start running out and soon people would either have to buy it for what the mixers are selling or go without. I think they would get the stuff imo. People who have bots would have to change their prices to suit the ingreds price. Why this would never happen?: Not all mixers would do this. Would always be someone who gave in too easily. Then when someone else tries to sell the buyer would be like: "wtf!??!!? this dude just sold me that 2 days ago for 12gc!!?!?! Rip 0ff!!!?!?!!" Chain affect the next mixer would give in. For something like this ever to work, all mixers would have to participate and stand firm on prices and that will imo never happen.
  4. Sun Medallion

    Great Idea imo
  5. Jack of All Trades Day

    Maturity level check, please. You lose when the best response you can give is immature attempts at cursing and overexaggeration. 1) A week is 168 hours. 6 hours is not a week. Use #calc if you don't trust my math here. 2) Mixers REGULARLY have to put up with no-food days while Peace Day has been seen... 1 time in the last 5 months? That reducing your play to 7 skill options instead of 12 means you can't play at all is just sad. "Duh, I can't bash someone in the head!" PK server, please. And stay there. 3) This would affect me just as much as you, as it would hit my own main playing in the same way it would hit you, so any attempts to claim you'd be hurt more would be completely false. This day would, unlike no-food/peace/whatever days, affect every player exactly the same, in their own different way. Actually I thought that you are smarter but i was wrong. Why make anybody to do what they dont want to do, why to force the week to became strong?? What if you would be forced to eat something that you hate?? There are skilles that some of us likes and some of us dont. There are players who like to concentrate on 2-3 skills max, the others like to be allrounders. Why would we want to everybody to everything for themselfs? Than better play a single player game! The point made was that there are other special days that prohibited the progress of those 2-3 skills. Im a mixer (now) and when its labor day or day of fasting, i cannot mix. I sure as hell would like to but i cant now can i? This day would not stop you from doing any skill, you would just get less exp. Definitely not as bad as some other days so why the hell are you arguing the way you are?
  6. Stoage Sell

    I'll take the short bow for 2k
  7. A couple of minor issues

    Your Quest log shows you the God quests and everything that was said.
  8. I agree to participate. I am in yeah! Ingame name: Citric Sex: Male
  9. OSOMN's ridiculous power

    What you guys are trying to do is make everyone equal. Different pkers have different strategies. You cant put a limit on attributes. (I mean you could but...) Just because different people have a different build than you that may work better doesnt mean you have to limit them. The whole point of this thread is trying to make every pker equal. Wtf? If you want that fights are going to be long and numbers are going to be the biggest threat. I agree that a/d should be the best factor but imo its ok to have someone ~5-10 levels lower than you (maybe more) that can pwn your ass. Just because they have not trained quite as much as you doesnt mean its not fair they can beat you. They have a better build or strategy of pk and thats what makes them better. Special weapons/armor I think is fine the way they are. And htf do you guys get that 150 is too much post cap? Before cap everyone was putting pps in phys/coord and not will/vit. Not many people had a lot of mana especially 150. Now it is very possible that they do with caps. So I dont see the big problem. If you dont like osmn or jsoc, dont fight the people that have them. Simple solution.
  10. OSOMN's ridiculous power

    But then everyone would train and never pk
  11. OSOMN's ridiculous power

    Deal with it. Part of the fight
  12. Resource shortages idea

    Yeah I really like Usl's idea
  13. Resource shortages idea

    More hoarding means less production True. Either way is fine by me. Will be interesting to see how things turn out.
  14. Resource shortages idea

    I just think people would hoard resources more due to the chance that they may need it and it may not be harvestable that week. So it just allows more people to have a reason to hoard. And why are we wanting to make things rise in price? Most things now do not get a profit when making them. When binding stones, serp stones, etc rise in price on the market, the other things in the market that are made by those, usually do not. Just like Great Swords should really be 26-28k in price but yet they sell for 21-23k. That loss adds up.
  15. New and updated trade bot list

    Citrine Located in NC just north of the South Cave Owners: Citric, umbrEna
  16. selling my complete storage

    I'll take the FPs for 12gc ea How much for the flowers? All of them
  17. Selling: bronze sword, rapier, ice arrows

    I'll take the bronze sword
  18. I like the NC arena no drop better than KF also.
  19. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    Lol the economy in this game isnt something to brag about. Imo nothing else could hurt it. People can control more than one character now, they just can not interact with them.
  20. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    I think people would have a better grasp if some of the "limitations" that would be instated was introduced.
  21. USA 2008 Elections

    I agree. With those two, George Bush would be better off staying in office....rofl. Please no flame me for saying GB staying in office kk? Ty
  22. Link1 Little Marketplace

    I'll buy all the mullein. Citric ingame
  23. Storage cleaning

    I'll take the rubies Citric ingame
  24. Selling Storage

    236 Red Currents 31 Tulips 113 Mullein 166 Poison Ivy 69 Spirit Essence 5 Energy Essence Price? And how much for the efes?
  25. USA 2008 Elections

    http://money.cnn.com/news/specials/election/2008/index.html http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2008/issues/issues.taxes.html http://elections.foxnews.com/?s=proposed+taxes http://bulletin.aarp.org/yourworld/politic...s_on_taxes.html http://blog.washingtonpost.com/fact-checke...s/barack_obama/ http://blog.washingtonpost.com/fact-checke...es/john_mccain/