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  1. #Lottery command

    Even with the command though, people would have to travel to that part of the map to purchase a ticket. The command would just help out with how much the current lottery was and the next drawing time etc.
  2. Boycott Learner

    Learner in a sense is doing people a favor by not letting bots rule the economy but he's overpricing while accomplishing that.
  3. Boycott Learner

    Elgoran is obviously not an experienced EL player, obviously does not pk, and obviously needs some help. And rofl at this market, its been crappy for a long time and getting worse everytime i revist this game. As for learner's prices, and high rosto prices in general... PFT is all i can say.
  4. Prices for bulk buying

    Hooked on phonics is a great help with those spelling errors. The whole market is wack. Until people stop buying enough gold to pay whatever price they want for something then it will continue.
  5. Remove Brod, make NMT Breakable?

    What in the blue hell makes you guys think that Radu will take brod outta the game?
  6. NMT idea

    Just let it break, no repair. Defeats the purpose of all that your doing. Unless you made a chance when you repaired it that it repaired into a different cape, say a mirror or such.
  7. Mini Harv Events

    Radu, I'm not being an smartass but seriously, what is wrong with afk harvesting? I just want to know the reasons you decided to do this.
  8. Mini Harv Events

    The point of the forums is for people to give their input and their opinion. It shouldn't be that if someone complains, decisions like what was made, is made. We give our input whether it is positive or negative. Does not mean that Ent has to do a damn thing that we suggest or even fix what one may be complaining about. But its our right to give an opinion.
  9. Mini Harv Events

    If your worried about afk harvesters, do like what was suggested and boot anyone from the server if they go afk for more than 15 mins. The events are just too annoying. I like to surf the web and do stuff while harvesting and with the events I cant even do that. Discourages me from the playing the game.
  10. Mini Harv Events

    I think they would be great if you kept harvesting through the mini events and stopped on the regular ones.
  11. Mini Harv Events

    Not actually. For one, if mixers buy their ingreds, with the raised price, the profit would still be the same. If mixers harvest their ingreds, its just gonna take twice as long to get all of them, decreasing production, raising prices. However, with the slowed production, the profit will be the same as before.
  12. Citric banned?

    I have been offline for a good while now playing WoW and have not logged on EL in a while. Umbrena told me on WoW the other day that she logged on and said that Citric was locked. May I ask why? I have not been online to do anything to get banned so maybe this is a mistake? When I log onto Citric, it just wont let me log on, doesnt say i did anything of the such. When i log onto my alt, its just fine.
  13. Citric banned?

    Thank you Aislinn. I can see how that situation can be easily misunderstood. I will make sure he does not play at my house.
  14. Citric banned?

    Frenchtoasthead = the old Acidic. He is my cousin. He probably did log on at my house a couple times but you can check that my ip address is not the only one he logged on. When he got banned, he got banned at his house, not mine. If you look at the chat logs you can tell a huge difference in me and him. He does not have Citric's password nor will he ever get it lol.
  15. I need a map maker to do a little job helping me out. I will pay you well. If you are interested forum pm me for specifics. Citric Ingame
  16. best pk drop ever

    I gave that to you tyvm
  17. best pk drop ever

    Black dragon torso and cuisses, tit greaves, col, etc
  18. USA 2008 Elections

    Why the fuck shouldn't we be scared? So far, Obama's voting record is pretty much in line with Bush on all the important issues (the war, USA Patriot act, bailout, retroactive immunity for the spying telecoms, and so on). The only times he disagreed was when Bush wanted to do something good, like privatize parts of the social security. And now this shithead wants to help those with mortgage problems. So those who bought houses they couldn't afford will be helped, and those who were smart and saved money to buy a house they can afford will be fucked. Nice way to promote mediocrity. You will see how much US will suck under Obama. Most of those who voted for him (or for McCain), have no clue about the economy. Im glad someone finally agrees with me.
  19. Storage Sale!

    15 Deer Fur- FREE 8 Beaver fur- 5gc each 27 Bear Fur- 14gc each 100 Potion of Feasting- 10gc each
  20. USA 2008 Elections

    Im moving to aussie with Randmck. Who wants to join meh?
  21. Question about the economy

    An interesting idea. I am not sure what you mean on the repair level though. I figure the repair level would be the same as the level required to make a fresh one. For items with more than one EFE, it could even require an EFE as part of the repair costs. I figure Entropy would like a reason to take more EFE out of the game. Having an EFE required to repair a One EFE item would make the idea of repairing it an automatic no. 1 EFE required to fix a 4 EFE item though, heck ya, spend an EFE. As for price comparisons to Tankel's repair prices, which would you trust more? Tankel or your favorite smithy? Even if it costs more to repair via your favorite smithy, it may be worth it to stop Tankel from breaking yet another item. I like the idea but the repair rate shouldnt be based on the same as the level. It should consist of a risky formula because if people start repairing almost every item, items flood market and nothing ever exits. Should be a certain percentage kind of like Tankel but maybe a little better. And IMO if this ever was implemented, tankel and heavybeard should be removed
  22. Question about the economy

    But you are wrong. Although not many people can serp yeti and ACs alone, a team of 2 or 3 good fighters can do that and split the money, yes? Key words is splitting money. They still dont make as much
  23. Avatars & Signatures

    I'll take a siggy pls Use your imagination a little, dark colors but a "haunted" theme mixed with pr0ish theme. Need HIM symbol with HIM written under it and Citric as the name.
  24. Question about the economy

    EL should get an Auction House \o/
  25. Question about the economy

    No no no no no no no and NO. This is what creates a no profit situation. For example the Titanium Long calls for an efe which is priced at 6.5k-7k. But yet the titanium long sells for around 1kgc. Why? Because of monster drops. If monsters are going to drop more profitable things, make it things such as bindings, serp stones, rostos, efe's, etc.... @ Radu: What ever happened to the recycle idea? Where you could take armor/weapons to npc and get recycled ingreds for it? Is that still going to happen or what?