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  1. Retiring from Neno hunt 'thanks' to Morath

    Even though what Morath did is incredibly stupid and I do not agree with it at all, his actions should not stop you from hunting Neno. Just don't hunt when he's on or make sure he doesn't know that your hunting. Just because someone stole my bottle of water doesn't mean that I'm going to stop drinking water.
  2. Auction 10K he's

  3. Guild map question (Summoning)

    Could you just allow just magic allowed in area bot is stationed on using area parameters? No magic area with magic area just for bot? Yes you can allow magic only in the bot area of your map or not allow magic in bot area. However you cannot just allow magic for the bot to use in a certain area and not players.
  4. Guild map question (Summoning)

    Yes, both non-summoning and non-magic areas are allowed unless something has changed recently. May seem obvious (not sure if this is what your thinking) but remember that no magic in a bot area means no magic for the bot either.
  5. Guild map question (Summoning)

    Yes summoning stones can still be used. As far as I know, there's no way to NOT allow summoning stones to be used as of yet. I hope radu would consider making that a possibility. Edit: Yes summoning can be turned off for smaller areas of your map and allowed for the rest. To do so you should have a format like the following: [attributes] [allow_summoning] min_x: 170 min_y: 340 max_x: 212 max_y: 375 value: 0 [/allow_summoning] [attributes] Obviously the x and y ranges are the area you want summoning turned off in your map.
  6. WTS 10k HEs - auction.

  7. Instance for Mixers

    I would be willing to work on the map if people wanted to give ideas and outlay it. Would probably need Radu to give a list of "musts" for the map as well.
  8. Some advice

    If you want to work with something you love, music is going to be pretty good but it most likely wont bring you a big amount of money. So it really depends on what you want more, to work with music or make money.
  9. This would be a good idea as well. There just needs to be some way of an exit for the capes that way they don't go so low in price you have to practically pay someone else to take it. The capes also need a buff to make them even worth getting.
  10. guard bot

    IIRC You can set your map area where the bot is to a no summon area.
  11. I do understand the 10 pps that radu as made for a person to be able to use the Arti cape. I mean to have a better chance at rare items, there has to be some kind of sacrifice. However, from hearing from others who use the cape and say how much of a small difference if any at all it makes, it does make the pps wasted in a sense. However if the arti cape was buffed up as said in my prior posts, it could really make it worth taking those pps. And tbh if you are a PURE mixer, putting extra pps on Human nexus shouldn't be a problem. Only thing a PURE mixer needs is phys and coord for emu and nexus for whatever they mix. Rest of the attributes are worthless.
  12. I'm not talking about appealing to strictly fighters. Strictly fighters wouldn't waste 3 pps (or 7 for perk) simply because they don't mix as often. I'm talking about appealing to semi fighters and mixers. In my case, I have 2 characters. One is strictly a fighter the other is nothing but a mixer. On the fighter, I have nmt cape, dont want a arti cape or perk. On mixer, I have arti cape and do not want a nmt cape or perk. Simply put, arti cape is not for all out fighters.
  13. Awakening an old thread. With the price of artificer capes as low as they are now a days and as hard as they are to sell, a fix needs to be. I suggest that the artificer cape become breakable on chance while mixing, very rarely. Maybe 1 in every 75000 or 100000 mixes. In exchange for the breakage chance, the increased chance of making a rare item due to this cape should be raised even more than now that way the cape is still appealing and worth it to wear and spend the extra pps to get. If possible, the perk itself should stay the same as it is now. Just the cape have an even more increased chance due to the breakage of the cape. A fix to the arti cape would fix multiple problems in my opinion. First being how hard it is to sell and the low amount you have to sell them for. Second, arti cape is not that appealing now. Maybe with an even more increase chance of making a rare item, it would become more appealing. Third, would be a better "sink" for some pps if it becomes more appealing. May not be the best option so give you option too. Kid
  14. Auction of 150k Silver Ore

    Auctioning 150k Silver Ore. Starting price: 2gc per ore or 300kgc Buy It Now: 2.6gc per ore or 390kgc Auction Ends when Buy it now is reached or no bids have been placed in a while. I reserve the right NOT to sell if the price is too low in my opinion. PM Kidberg ingame. UPDATE: Since the bidding is slowing down and some people are smarta**es, bidding ends at 1PM tomorrow eastern time. So that means 24 hrs and ~ 30 mins.
  15. Auction of 150k Silver Ore

    SOLD for BIN Price. Thanks to all bidders.
  16. Auction of 150k Silver Ore

    Private offer of a NMT cloak. Will count this as 361kgc since thats what highest bot pays for it.
  17. New critical damage

    what kind of chim? I was on the FCW/MCW spawn in RoT but when it degraded it was on a FC.
  18. New critical damage

    Yeah I degraded a cutlass in 157 chims last night. After update
  19. I disagree with you completely about every point. I am a person that has a character that mixes and a character that fights. Lmao.
  20. Client update test

    I'm posting for wakaflocka who doesn't have a forum account: Quote: I beamed to IP and clicked the boat and start map walking. when mapwalkin I got about halfway to rat cave and started rotatin camera while walkin and "EL has stopped working". Edit: Crashed again using mini map in EP. Video card: Mobile IntelĀ® 4 Series Express Chipset Family
  21. Client update test

    I have been running the new client for about 3 hours or so and had no problems yet. If I do, i'll be sure to post. Specs: Video card: GeForce 9800 GT/PCI/SSE2 Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 3.2.0 Havent tested the medallion issue yet.
  22. KF CLASH - II

    I'll do it depending when and what time.
  23. Extra critical chance

    I like it a lot. Afk fighting exp is wack and needs to go.
  24. Auctioning 32 Hydro Bars

    Auctioning 20 Hydro Bars STARTING PRICE: 11k ea Increments of at least 100gc per bar. I have set a buy it now price to 12.5k. If you wish to buy them for that price, they are on my bot Rafiki located in TG (209,209). I reserve the right not to sell at all if the price is too low. If the buy it now price is not obtained, the auction will end whenever the bids die down. Ingame name: Citric