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  1. Instances, first public test

    Yesterday we went in with 7 people. That dropped to 5 in the first hour. We got to the third wave, which was BDs. We all ran out of supplies with 5 BDs to go. I don't think we could have finished it even if we had 8 people for the whole thing. Other things I noted: I had a lot fewer resyncs, even with more people in the map this time. We had a tab map this time, which made team coordination a lot easier. I like the map layout, with a rather linear progression along a path that has a start at one end and an exit at the other. We had 240 minutes to complete this one, which is plenty of time for the size of the map. I think I'd find it even more fun if the map was smaller and we had 180 minutes to finish it. It's a long wait/walk when some of the team dies and you want to regroup. Plus some people might find it hard setting aside 4 hours with no break to finish an instance. If the map was smaller, players would spend more time fighting and less time walking/waiting.
  2. Instances, first public test

    Jaclaw, Smurf, Hex, Senzon, bugabear worked together last night. We started with giants, then had 60 trices, then 3 jegos, 8 BDs (which radu killed so we could get to last wave) and then 5 ice dragons. I recall radu saying up to 8 people could enter an instance. Without a tab map it was quite difficult getting around, due to some large circular "hallways." Something that occurred to me was that with those monsters, even if 8 players participated, I would have run out of supplies before finishing the last wave. With 960 EMU, that makes for a tough instance. I enjoy the risk of taking on high-end baddies, but I'd be disappointed if the difficulty made even 960 EMU insufficient.
  3. BP Cloak

    That does clarify the issue guys, ty. One more question tho: Is a critical hit one that bypasses armor and therefore passes all damage along to player (minus toughness ofc)? That would mean the BP cloak description could simply state "Increases chance of critical hit by 10%."
  4. BP Cloak

    I did a search first, and didn't find anything about it. Someone told me BP cloak only works on players, and not on critters. Anyone heard similar or different? Anyone with definite info who can answer?
  5. The Tahraji Desert NDD Clash

    Count me in as a fighter.
  6. Mortos Challenge

    Any thoughts on the time of day (in GMT)? That may affect who in our guild can participate.
  7. Auction

  8. Auction

  9. Temporary class system

    Seems kinda balanced. People talking about "gaining" att lvls have it wrong. You're always giving something up for the levels. Also seems like Ent thought about the "TS" idea/exploit, so peeps won't get extra a/d exp when they take ranger class. Personally I don't see myself taking it tho, cuz I wouldn't want to spend that many PPs. I just don't feel the lost PPs would provide an equivalent advantage for fighting, compared to putting em in attributes.
  10. Dark Ritual in Thelinor

    Hex Melchloren Shallson Creative
  11. Sorry I'm late! Darn rl stuff. Anyway here they are. Tailor 1 Tailor 2 Tailor 3 Tailor 4 Tailor 5 Tailor 6 Tailor 7 Tailor 8 Tailor 9
  12. Magic Removal Stone

  13. wtf @ breakrates

    You break 2 CoLs close together and it's "WTF OMFGZ break rate!!!1!!!11" I been training tons since before and after the break rate adjustment. I been talking with people who do the same. No one has had similar experiences. You, my friend, are what is statistically referred to as an outlier. That means it's bad luck.
  14. hatred again

    I always understood FF to mean Friendly Fight, as LabRat says. If he didn't return stuff, he belongs in this thread. Thank you for the warning.
  15. Most *used* Weapon

    Fists for training. JS for fighting. (Used to use Cutty. Still have it and might go back to it. More testing to do.)