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  1. Undead?

    I think that you should make it where when you kill a skelleton that it will get up after like a minute instead of just dying and dissapearing. (you know they are "undead") it would be like you kill a skelly then it gets back up after a minute but after you kill it about three times it will die for good and have to respawn. Maybe you could add zombies that work the same way.
  2. Sounds like another "lets copy runescape idea"
  3. teleporting cloak is a really bad idea that is all we need some noob who started yesterday killed one rabbit and got it and he has no magic exp at all. Some people work hard to get to a certain lvl to get to harvest a new item, cast spell, ect., ect.
  4. How about making your havesting limit equal to your load. I think it would be a little better this way because you can improve it. Or maybe have a different skill that improves it like vitality.
  5. Archery

    Ok just an idea don't really know if it as been suggested before, but what I think would make this game even more awesome then it already is, is archery. This is what i am thinking: short bow - starting bow, no lvl needed. When attacking long range with this bow it deals 1/3 your combat lvl in damage. Costs 15 plats. Long bow - second bow, lvl 9 needed. When attacking long range with this bow it deals 1/2 your combat lvl in damage. Costs 35 plats. Recurve bow - third bow, lvl 21 needed. When attacking long range with this bow it deals 2/3 your combat lvl in damage. Costs 55 plats. Composite bow - last bow (as of now), lvl 30 needed. When attacking long range with this bow it deals 3/4 your combat lvl in damage. Costs 80 plats. arrows - ammunition for bow, 125 gold each. So that is all I got so far, If you have any suggestions or comments please put them down, I need constructive criticism!
  6. Archery

    i made this post thingy before they put the read first thing.
  7. this idea is alright but needs some fixs. only entropy and other like roja should be albe to erase a character. and it would be wrong for a bunch of 7 to go around kicking off newbs. the best way is the teleports a few spaces forward like maybe two just enough where it could get you past them but not be faster then walking, because next thing you know people are teleport a few spaces ahead just to get somewhere faster.
  8. Necromancy

    What would be the fun in that!
  9. Alternative to mules

    he said he wasn't making mules so he probably wont make this either.
  10. yeah i know but what about being one but smaller i'd expect the current wriath to be to big. (might be to tall for building roofs)
  11. Animals... life like stuff..

    we are not talking about random attacking animals it is about monster raids like gobs and cyclops. (people should read the whole topic before posting)[/b]
  12. Newbies in underworld

    yes i like the idea of newbies in the underworld. They should start out closer to the exit (maybe on the othe side of the bridge) I know when i first went to the under world it took me a long time to get out.
  13. that undead thing looks alot like the wriath maybe you could be a wraith.
  14. How about just Mules?

    I think this is an interesting idea. I think you should be able to ride the mule and if you anr not riding it the mule will follow you around. The mules should be able to go to different maps just not by boat or teleport. Maybe there could be a toll to take your mule by boat. The mules could have like 250 EMU. You could buy a saddle bag from the stable master for (X) plats. The saddle bag would go in the mules inventory and could be eqquipped (like armor) that way if the mule dies the saddle bag would be able to be took by annther player. The saddle bag would work like the harvest cloak. There could be post to tie your mule to outside of every Tavern. Since there is one on almost every map it would not be hard to find. You should not have to feed them, they could eat grass like the deer. saddle bag - raises EMU by 250. Mule travels slower and con not be rode when equipped.
  15. What do you want most?

    I would say the best thing that EL could have is a huge world filled with tons of maps. The thing that got me hooked on this game was the smooth graphics and different maps to explore. I was always finding something new and interaction with the surronding world that amazed me. (ie: the log bridge in VOTD )
  16. Animals... life like stuff..

    There would be safe places all over. You could teleport, just run and hide in a building, or some might even log off. Of corse if you were really afraid of a raid you could just stay on Isla Prima.
  17. Animals... life like stuff..

    Just an idea What if you had the raids totally unorganized with no warning or anything and the riad takes place where ever there is a large croud. For example if the storage in VOTD gets over like 18 people in a close range then monsters would start spawning a little bit away and move in to attack the players around the storage. I think this will sovle both problems the overcrowded areas and how the monsters appear
  18. Stock Market

    I think you should have a huge inventory of every item in the game that is possible and the buy rate hmmm that is just like the items list on the home page.
  19. Animals... life like stuff..

    yes i agree there needs to be more then one monster with stuff maybe some of the others could have rewards just not as good or as much. Do you think that will solve it :?:
  20. Animals... life like stuff..

    I think this raid idea will be fun. You should give some kinda of warning like when your character get near the pack a warning comes up *A group of rouge monsters are in your area*. I also think you should offer some kind of reward like there is group of goblins and one cyclops. The cyclops has a load of plats or armor. The cyclops is like the general and the gobs are soldiers. The gobs protect the cyclops until they die then you could attack the cyclops if you kill him you reap the rewards. I don't know if this is a good idea, you guys tell me.
  21. Oh ok, then how about Angelic and Demonic people: Demonic people - Basically just Demon they have Bat-like wings, Darker skin, and horns and spiked tails. Angelic people - Angels with white feathery wings and and look like people with a heavenly glow about them. These people will float just a bit off the ground and flap thier wings instead of walking. It would be cool if they could fly over rivers and small lakes or ponds, but that would be unfair to earth-bound races. (maybe it can be a paid feature like the guilds to be able to fly)
  22. This is already a topic go to NEW RACE SUGGESTIONS
  23. New Race Suggestion

    yeah i could see what you mean about the flying over water thing. If everyone had wings then there would be no point to bridges and stuff.
  24. New Race Suggestion

    Instead of winged people you could have Angelic and Demonic people. Basically the same except that Demonic people have black bat-like wings, horns and devil tails (and maybe darker skin) and Angelic people have White feathery wings and look like people. They hover just a bit off the ground and they flap there wings instead of walking. (that would look bad to air walk) It would be cool if the can float across water but not the sea or the mountians. PS: If any more races do become avalible then it should be an option to change your apperance if that happens.
  25. Robes/cloaks

    It would be cool if the cloaks had hoods attached and were able to be put on and took off by using the pointer or something like that. It could also shadow your face when on.