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  1. Depletable resources and multiplaying

    I vote yes. it'd be more fair. ok, it'll be messy the time you guys set it right, but such a revolution is worth it to me. still, i'd prefer secondary characters with handicap.
  2. Sell Unused Items

    hi, i sold mullein and book of ti minin to 1st pm, but i'll save the rest for u, just pm or gossip me plz What's your ingame name? I only find "This player did nasty things and is locked" under "fligedit". my name's serty
  3. Sell Unused Items

    hi, i sold mullein and book of ti minin to 1st pm, but i'll save the rest for u, just pm or gossip me plz
  4. Sell Unused Items

  5. Sell Unused Items

    Please pm or Gossip serty in game (Trade accepted) Flowers: 460 White Asiatic Lilly 7256 Yarrow 23297 White Chanterelle 22517 Tree Mushroom 1872 Cactus 3411 Ogre Toes 714 Wheat Weapons: 1 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword Animal: 6 Polar Bear Fur 3 Tiger fur 2 Black panther fur Misc: 3.7k Yew (and more coming) Books: 1 Book of Cyclops Fighting 1 Steel Shield Construction 1 Unicorn Medallion Building 1 VOTD Ring Building 1 Crystal Technology 1 Portland Ring Building 1 Book of Orc Fighting 2 Book of Iron Axe Construction 1 Sun Medallion Building 1 Book of Crafting Potion 2 Book of Titanium Molding 1 Book of Potion of Summoning 1 Book of Steel Axe Construction 2 Titanium Short Construction 1 Book of Magic Potion
  6. i guess another way than reset is fine if its not too easy though something as long as reading a big book or restart with more than 10 pts think about it guys, anyway i vote yes. thx for dat great game.
  7. i cannot log on

    hi, ive been to the broterhood of bane website, i registered, but i didnt understand the way to get unbanned! can i explain my situation to the moderator who banned me? shall i first become a member of the guild of bane or shimmering wave, to get unbanned?
  8. i cannot log on

    hi, my situation is that me and my brother both play the game. and if sometime you saw the same id for the 2 characters, its becoz when we are at my flat, or both at parents home, we've got only one computer... still we are 2 players for 2 characters! i just made a new character today in order to chat and get help, but i swear ill kill it as soon as i get back mine! ive been playin at least 2 months night and day, we are so addicted, would u plz unlock our charracters and tell us solutions to keep playin with our special conditions? our names are fligedit and horn3t. would u hav mercy for us pleeeease, im so addicted. i hope u'll be comprehensiv, im impatient to get ur answer. jb. ps: do u need my brother to ask the same help from his id, so u 'll get a proof of what i say?