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  1. Polymorph ideas

    Ooh, ooh! I like the penguins!!! Me wanna be a penguin! Maybe cold damage and maybe increased charm or luck...they are pretty darned cute! Possibly power-saving/less food consumed? They go for long stretches of time without eating. Just a thought Llyn PS Can't wait to get pic of radu as penguin!
  2. I vote for: Buttercup (Power Puff Girls FTW!) or how about something fun and off the wall: TastyKake! Llyn
  3. What a cutie!

    But lookie lookie at what I found at NC storage! And I thought he looked good as a dragon! Wow, look at those great legs! Llyn PS. He tried to kick me with them, can't imagine why!
  4. Quote of the week submissions

    LOL!!! Made my night! Llyn
  5. What a cutie!

    And look at his hiney! Isn't that the cutest little dragon butt you ever saw? LMAO! Llyn
  6. What a cutie!

    Awww, he's so adorable! Can I keep him? LOL! Llyn
  7. A wedding!

    Congratulations! Will try to make it to the ceremony. Best wishes to you and _Mia_! May your union be Eternal! Llyn
  8. Part 1 of the smallest storage sale in EL

    Can I have the peace and donuts? How much do those cost? Llyn
  9. Additional Clothes

    lol I just suggested this in another thread. Would love gradiated colors or tie dye! Llyn
  10. Cape Buffalo

    LOL, would be pretty funny to get stampeded by a herd of buffalo in EL! Imagine the invasion potential! Llyn
  11. Tie-Dying

    Can we have tye-die robes? Or gradiated ones? Would make tailoring and EL just a little more colorful! Love what we've got already, just thought it would be a fun addition without a lot of extra work involved for the creators since the solid ones are in game already. It doesn't have to be complicated design, can be very basic, but could be something that requires a higher level to make something multi-colored. Just thought it would be fun to make the "dye-ing arts" a bit more "groovy". Llyn PS No, I'm not a flower child or a hippie! Just like colors
  12. Part 1 of Largest Storage Sale in EL

    Levin, I'd like to buy all 27k of your blue star flowers. Thanks! Llyn PS Edited to add: will take all your nightshade too!
  13. Reworking 2 skill ideas

    I think these are all very interesting ideas, Ace. I like how shapeshifting is kind of like summoning, yet different. Carpentry sounds very interesting, sounds like engineering could compliment it at times (ie. making nails, ropes, etc that carpenters might need). Love the idea of more enriched items! Can never have too many of those! An idea- could there be potions to help one shapeshift? (The polyjuice potions from Harry Potter comes to mind!) Might be nice to have those two skills complimenting each other a bit. Could also have it dependent on magic levels, particularly for the more difficult shapes to shift into. Just some food for thought! Llyn
  14. Client 170 release, I need some testers

    Works great, but noticed that if you climb ladder to EVTR exit in WV, and are in first person viewpoint, EL crashes. Tried this several times from regular view, then first person (alt f) and it only crashes if you climb ladder (either up or down) in first person viewpoint. Haven't used this viewpoint much yet, but will try map changes, etc to see if it happens then as well. Am headed to bed for the night (very tired here) but will try some more tomorrow. Llyn PS. I have a 7600 NVidia with latest drivers. Everything looks awesome in game, this if first problem I've encountered.
  15. 170 Final RC, please test (Windows)

    Wow, it's gorgeous! I spend so much time gazing at the sky that my elf keeps tripping over her shoelaces. Makes me fall in love with EL all over again. Looks amazing on my main computer (7600 Nvidia) and on my laptop (Intel 945GM Express integrated chipset). Will try it on my sad, ancient computer next. Great job! Llyn