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  1. What's your favorite fantasy book series?

    The Sarantine Mosiac (2 book series) by G.G. Kay (and he's Canadian too!)
  2. A raging Spirit..

    ((Sorry...I should have gone into more detail about the house. My bad.)) Looked to the doorway as he heard a voice. He examines the figure and studies it a moment before speaking himself. Hello, sir. I do wonder how you know my name, and also what business you would have here? This building belongs to a guild. If my memory serves me right, you are not a member. Is there something I can help you with?
  3. Forgotten Kingdom

    If you're going to say it sucks, please explain why, so the Events team, and others wanting to create Events can get constructive criticsm on what is good/unwanted for Events. COnstructive comments help, just saying, "This event suckz" does help to no one.
  4. A raging Spirit..

    ((OOC Note: No one else is there, and I never drew my sword.))
  5. Forgotten Kingdom

    I can't make it, as its now in 19 mins that I will be seeing HP4. Sorry.
  6. Canadians and Canadiens

    Bah, down with Sens and Habs, Up with...well Leafs are so-so...Let's make a new team... The Canadian Elers! haha
  7. A raging Spirit..

    ((No problem Kendai. You can come in whenever. Even just doing a description of what you are doing while things are happening is good.)) Pocal was sitting in the Grand Dragon Council's former guild house. He was glancing around smiling as he remembered times of old in the house. He heard footsteps coming closer. Was it perhaps another former member? He listened to the Spirit within for what it could sense of the steps. It told him it was no fellow Spirit, and no one they had met before. Pocal readied his hand on his sword just in case.
  8. Tankel

    His repairness, when it works, kills some player trading. I am against Tankel period.
  9. A raging Spirit..

    ((yup...everything mentioned is oldschool EL))
  10. A raging Spirit..

    Pocal wandered around Desert Pines. It was his old home. He had lived for a while here. Before he was chosen by the Green Dragon Spirit that now lived within his body and soul. It completed him. It was thanks to the one known as Kayliana, who had found those who had been given the chance to live with a dragon's spirit in themselves that he had survived it all. He wished she was still around, but she left many moons ago. We will be alright without her Spirit. She taught us much while we knew her in these lands. The Council she created allowed us to learn more, and teach others who had the spirits. Those like Grum and Kyrant helped us, and we were able to teach others like Quinticus and Clawshrimp. One day, perhaps the Grand Dragon Council will be reborn. Who knows. Luckily some with the Spirits have not left these lands. Like the one who know calls himself the Lord Vermor. He's always good for a caht about the glorious days where we owned that house in the mountains of Myandar. That house brings back many memories. I think we should visit it again. It is time we do that. With that Pocal heads to the docks and asks the workers when the next ship for Myandar will be leaving. Once he hears that one is about to heave off, he books his passage.
  11. my ip banned

    Do you promise the usage of points and commatas too? Here are some, just for the case you run out of them. ,.,.,.,...,.,..,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,., Piper yes,ill use all of my writing thingys but please let me have another chance,ill do anything almost,ill even reread the rulses again and follow them with no exceptions please give me another chance :shame: This is ilovecrazyfrogs ive been banned for about a week or more now and i am tired of not being able to play it is to my regret if i am banned for much longer im gooing to forget about el alltogather but it would certanly be a shame i mean comeon i love this game but d@$# it give me a chance here please 1)This is run by volunteers. They can't do everything we want for the game at our command. They have lives of their own that ALWAYS come before the game. 2)Swearing will not help you 3)Id rather have players who dont break rules and get banned at any time. 4)Be PATIENT! 5)Its only a game remember! not life.
  12. Manu Services

    Um, let me guess...your in RICH, or just dont understand anything. Buying from RICH breaks the embargo, and gives them money, which would be against the ideals of the embargo!
  13. Very confusing science question

    Are you seriously planning on making something bullet-proof with diamonds??
  14. harry potter movie is out on nov 18 .

    In 23 hours I will be seeing HP4 with a bunch of my friends... (i'm 21 btw) I've read all but the newest book, and seen all but, clearly, HP4, and enjoy them.
  15. new character error

    Learner, I just dl'd the update, and can make chars fine now that my IP seems to be unbanned/whitelisted.