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  1. NMT auction

  2. Vista blues

    Hi all, i may sound noob but here we go: when i play in Vista my screen is grey/blue. like walking in a thick myst. Als char and things look like it is a pre-phase of the game. Helpme pls what do i have to do to make EL life better?
  3. Saving Stones

    omg why did somebody recommend the higher nexus?? Been working my head of to be able to do it soon and now need extra nexus.... grrrrr
  4. Artwork Updates

    Dont believe csiga! (* what a handsome guy he is !! *)
  5. Forum registration

    I don't ADD people, I APPROVE already user validated accounts. Wilbur_Whateley was approved. Pleae APPROVE then
  6. Forum registration

    Please add cyberwulf )
  7. You know yoy play EL too much when...

    When you start calling your rl man with your GMs name
  8. Thank you Thank you Thank you

    ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty yes i potion also
  9. Vista trouble, it worked before

    Hi also Vista probs here updates do not show the new books.. knowledge... screen looks blue... what do i have to do
  10. One week holiday

    I hope you have a lot of fun! Love your hard work
  11. Moneybookers

    Lol go for it |
  12. Can't get on EL since i changed to Vista [SOLVED]

    I tried on Vista. Could play, but colour only blue and chars naked lol!
  13. Today's Invasion

    Fun!! Mortos showed up right next to me Luckily i was in longjohns
  14. Artwork Updates

    yeah great weapons and armour... (again) *want white tiger pants*