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  1. So . . . a fighter's cape that anyone can wear? That's useless for anyone over lvl 30 fighting, which people can get to in a day. Although, a black cape would look great with the rest of my outfit  :(


    Arggggg NO It's 15% chance to HIT something, not CRITICAL HIT something. Also Fighters cape is 10% chance to CRITICAL HIT something, not 15% chance to HIT something.

  2. my god...ok people you see my name...IS THERE AN H IN IT?...ok people need to learn how to read...


    im gettin the money and im sure i will buy one...was just lookin for someone nice enough to make it for me since i have the ingreeds...but i c there is no one in EL that nice...


    I was hoping to stop calling you a idiot but I see again I must. Come on dude, people who can make serps don't need anymore exp (unless your frak:)) and if everyone will make you one for free out of your bars then everyone can just buy the bars and bam a tit serp for 130k

  3. Didn't even know i was "caught" many times =( .. wish i had gotten a warning.. I dont see what makes macroing so special, you just end up with a bag that contains a junkload and u need to transport it which will take hours and even longer if you first get other ingredients to alch it into something before transporting it somewhere.. To be honest i've never had a fully succesful macroing bag.. once i collected 30k blue lupines (which i didnt intend to but i couldnt get back to game until next day) and i carried them to storage for a few hours but that was too much so i got a few thousand lupines into storage before the bag disappeared..And last sunday i harvested 6000 iron and didnt even get all of that into bars before i managed to make the bag disappear.. Every other time has failed, most of the time somethnig comes inbetween,under cursor.. sometimes i just lag out or the macro doesnt work completely.. so my macroing is a pretty sad story.. everybody else is using autoclicker.. i dont even know what that is, in the game i played before EL everyone was using this macro thing and it was allowed.. in EL you can use it to keep a bag alive or harvest in it but then again you cant do anything else while macroing so practically u haveto be afk while doing it.. the best part is that if you suddenly have to leave the game and you have a bag that you can't carry u can make it refresh using macro, as it otherwise would disappear while you'r taking a crap.. i dont feel like i've done something terrible eventho its good that your trying guide the gamingsociety with some principles.. i dont like hurting anybody like scammers etc, lol nothing stops them.. few days ago we were trying to enlist scammers so we could ignore them but it didnt exactly work out cause suddenly this guy informs us that all those names are him, he even scammed the same guy several times under different names.. ouch did that mess up your game... anyways.. if you would give me a warning i would get rid of this wickid macro stuff and find me an auto-clicker that would make it possible to even chat while i'm picking flowers..


    You don't need a warning, IT'S AGAINST THE RULES! If you get pulled over for speeding the police officer won't say "well I'll give you a warning" no, he gives you a ticket. Same as in EL you don't get a warning, you get banned. Also the thing is, is that you can go to sleep and be gaining lots of harvesting exp while others have to be awake to.

  4. Sorry if it seemed like I snapped at you a bit then. I've been all but laughed out of market chat before. All of a sudden, everyone thinks my buy and sell prices are rediculous. The economy has totally gone to hell  :?


    Ya the economy has gone to hell.

  5. You say that again 5k gold a steel bar. Your talking about bars right when you say titanium.


    Ummmm he is paying over 6mil each for steel bars. 6k times 1k is 6mil for the tit bars, and 3k times 1k is 3mil for the steel plus 1mil to make the deal interesting.