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  1. Well there is a To-Do list....however listing every single little itty bitty detail thing kinda takes too long :D  

    Also, even if we had EVERYTHING listed, do you actually think people would read it? I mean come on, some don't even know who/where Raven is when they enter the game!


    I'd read it for sure!

  2. How much gold do you get in exchange? 1gc per bone? If that's the case I would suggest a higher value.


    So, can anyone give an answer?


    Read the website, sheesh. It's based on your magic level and a RANDOM factor.

  3. is theberserker kind of unoriginal? i just love this name and the history character it brings to mind.. the wild group of norweigians run through the woods attacking their enemies with no armor on say some bear furs or something.. lol thats great stuff


    Orrrrrrr Orc Berserkers.

  4. You've got some problems if numbers bother you...


    I know MANY people who hate seeing numbers in names. I mean do you go up to your friends in school and say "Hey John7824."

  5. Not if what ur fighting is to weak to handle your hits because after u run you just about always hit them the first attack so they lose more xp. Also even if ur not using ur weapon. Always take it with you so that if u attack the wrong thing u can use it to kill them.


    Ya, I learned that the hard way and almost losst my doom cape.