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  1. I agree with the walking thing...we should be able to click anywhere on the ingame map and then our character will just...walk there ;)  


    Wishful thinking...  :P


    He never said click on the map, he said click ingame like where you see your char and hold. Anyway the map idea IS good. (In rs it was a saving grace in pking).

  2. I think it was a great idea. It meant that rich players are actually spending their money. Also newbies are able to get money much easier, therefore helping stimulate the economy (such as serp swords :) ). Also in by my estimates, a month, the price will probably be around 1k instead of like 5k, and so making tit bars (my guild leader pays me 20k per tit bar :) ) will be best.

  3. you guys do have passwords right? and i hope you dont' tell others your password :P so just exit hte game when you leave and there should be no probs :)


    I know one of my RL friends knows like all my passwords (cause their the same). But that's only cause we used to play rs together and sometimes would need to borrow stuff, also I know he doesn't care about EL so he wouildn't try to hack me.

  4. U mean ... U didnt even checked her stats when she offered that money?!?


    I think ill just shut my mouth :lol: or at least try :lol:


    Hehe, well she already had a good down payment and at the point I was feeling like I was about to quit EL anyway so I didn't give a s**t

  5. Suuuuure... She's nowhere NEAR that kind of money :P  




    Main Attributes  

    Physique: 14/14  

    Coordination: 15/15  

    Reasoning: 9/9  

    Will: 8/8  

    Instinct: 4/4  

    Vitality: 4/4  

    Cross Attributes  

    Might: 14/14  

    Matter: 11/11  

    Toughness: 9/9  

    Charm: 4/4  

    Reaction: 9/9  

    Rationality: 8/8  

    Dexterity: 12/12  

    Ethereality: 6/6  


    Combat: 17/17  

    Attack: 18/18  

    Defense: 16/16  

    Magic: 0/0  

    Harvest: 23/23  

    Manufacture: 5/5  

    Alchemy: 0/0  

    Potion: 4/4


    Hmmmm, I'll have to have a talk with her about that.

  6. Before you read:

    A weenis/weenus is the extra skin on your elbow




    There was this girl at school who looked like a horse. Well, she is really annoying, so as joke, I said hey! She turned around and I said "Stop looking at my weenis" "stop looking at my weenis" (I told her what it was after). She  told the office I told her "Wanna look at my penis". I hope the stupid horse-girl gets murdered 'cause I got 3 days of ISS for "sexually harassing her". Really, horses aren't even aloud at school. WTF would sexually harass one anyways? I mean, anyone could tell she was ugly as hell. I wouldn't be pissed off if I actually said that, but I didn't. I should have lied, like her, and denied it. Anyways, the lesson of the story is Lying gets you ahead in life. That's the message school has given me.  


    BTW: I know the girl heard me, and she just wanted to get me in trouble because she hates me.


    I don't care how ugly she is, calling her a horse is just plain mean dude. Also that is how life works, the liars get ahead.

  7. Who'd waste that much money on a cloak!?


    Oh well, i found a seller 8)


    My secret.






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    I'll bid!!!! I want it!! How much base plat? I'll go with 50k (gotta start somewhere, eh?) And if that dun work, can I make payments? I'm an Empress of a guild, and I'm a very trustworthy person I could even be a mule for awhile and follow you around and help you carry items if you need to


    PS- I want it so badly because I'm the only "black dragon" in the guild and it woul be a nice touch






    Good secret


    Thanks alot for messing up my whole sale, now people are probably gonna tell her not to buy it.