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  1. Safe Deposit Boxes

    Ummm how about no lol, though it would be good for extra storage space but only at the storage spaces themselves. Also here is another example, you in KF and u see someone coming u run while depositing items and bam u won't lose anything, or just grab a VOTD ring from the bank and use it.
  2. Hmmm, ya know it's funny how NASA keeps proving the bible right also for those skeptics who belive that this is all fake, would you like to prove your theory right, because from what I see this proves it perfectly.
  3. Auras!

    Eghhh I just don't like it, sorry.
  4. scented candels or something

    Hmmmm, like she drops it and runs and all the animals go to it instead of her, well seems like it would be better for higher levels who want to train faster. They drop it beside em and all the monsters come to them. Too bad Entropy will probably never do it.
  5. Selling Essences!

    Hmmm, I take contact me ingame and I buy most of em.
  6. Lol, #beam me up was made for a reason.
  7. My gf >.<

    You actually said something that's good for once
  8. woot 101st topic on this board!

    The only reason you have 101 is cause of this type of useless spam.
  9. "The eye of God is on us"

    Ahhhhhhhh that last one is wierd, hmmmmmm * thinks to himself * Ahhhh lucifer runnnnn!
  10. Kilaran fields

    Ummm, I see the forts being used all the time. Usually *CO* Will hold an event where someone will be in the nearest for and they have the rest of their guild and some other friends guarding it, first one to kill the guy they are guarding wins something like (what happened last time) 300 plats. These are always great fun and quite hard, especially when u have 2-4 people blocking each entrance and then more people blocking stairs and a few people scouting around the outside of the fort.