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  1. Alternative to mules

    Ummm did I EVER say it would be hard to program, NO. So can you people please stop jumpin on my ass for it. All I said was the price seemed a bit much, also I would rather Entropy take a little extra time and actually make mules tho.
  2. can my clan get a loan? :)

    Well I know some people who might loan u it if u tack on some very nice intrest
  3. Alternative to mules

    Ummm since when did I say it's hard to program, I said the price seems a little steep. Also I am the last one you should call lazy when it comes to games.
  4. Walk Through Moutain

    Ya, there is plenty!
  5. Alternative to mules

    Ummm, 100k per whistle, horrible idea.
  6. Ummmm, ooorrr we can just make a jail. You spam your in jail for 2 days in game time, buahhahahahah.
  7. Now For Hire.

    Ummm, ya know we can just hire a newb to do stuff like that for us. Newbs tend to think 10k is alot so having them help you carry like coal or iron in exchange for money to them is heaven.
  8. I'm selling an unlimited number of leather pants only 10k each. Post here first please then message me ingame with your order.
  9. channel hunt

    jjk just go check your log just incase. ~I say stick a troll in it, it's done~
  10. Many items are like that, many flowers and furs are, I know for a fact that fox fur is, and it is VERY annoying.
  11. buying rabbit furs 150-250gp each

    Ooooh, ok just didn't sound like it :roll:
  12. New Avatar, Graphic Sig

    Just can't beat mine

    What about mine, dude dat dwarf is totally ready for adventure, evne got a sleeping bag
  14. Stock Market

    Ummmm here's a constructive idea for you, IT'S A MEDEVIL TIMED GAME. Do you really think they had a stock market in med-evil times, I mean come on. This is a HORRIBLE idea. And I would most probably quit if entropy ever did this. I mean come on, EL would be looked at as a joke if this ever happened.
  15. Fixes To the Economy

    Horrible horrible idea, do you know just how much it costs to level manu, let me tell you now it costs HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS AND EVENTUALLY MILLIONS. So then if you take out trik our only source of getting a little bit back that we spend on leveling WE WILL START GOING BANKRUPT IN A COUPLE DAYS. If entropy ever did this I would seriously think about quitting or becoming a full time pker.
  16. buying brown rabbit furs

    Ya dude, learn forum etiquette, you don't post saying your buying or selling the same thing on someone elses post you bum!
  17. buying rabbit furs 150-250gp each

    Ahhahaha you have got to be kidding me, you expect someone to sell you 500 rabbit fur for only 2gp each! Lol that's just funny, reg price is 200-300 each dude.
  18. selling tit long sword

    Selling tit long sword and can get more, offer away.
  19. selling tit long sword

    Ummm I would be ripping myself off if i gave u tit chain for an extra 550k, it's like 600k (i think) in the shop alone and you ahve to follow the def god to get from the shop, but just pm me when u have enough cash for the sword pm me on the forum also please
  20. Haha, how about just expand the level there already is, btw there is more spots, though I won't give them away since i train at them. One is a pk map and another is a non pk. Both are great for goblins.
  21. how do i....

    mix 3 bones together in the manufacturing window and hae a mortar and pestle in your inventory (does not need to be in the manu window)
  22. skills levels

    Ya, it's a classic RPG system. You start with the lowest type of item in each category, and as you make that item you get exp, once you get enough exp you gain a level, next level takes even more exp, after a few levels you can make new items that give more exp, however, you need even more exp that it still takes longer. It's a classic system of the higher the level the harder it gets, but the more, and the better there rewards are.
  23. I can see it now, you go to kilran fields bring up the map and already you know where your prey is.
  24. Umm sorry for the rant, but is it just me or do newbs read less and less every day. I mean come on, read the website it says that you can make bars usiung alchemy, and that you can make swords. How about you people READ.