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  1. Earn 10k plat

    Ya the economy has gone to hell.
  2. Earn 10k plat

    Ummmm he is paying over 6mil each for steel bars. 6k times 1k is 6mil for the tit bars, and 3k times 1k is 3mil for the steel plus 1mil to make the deal interesting.
  3. Earn 10k plat

    No, it's a good deal, I was just seeing if I understood it right.
  4. Buying/selling items!!

    Did you just say your buying tit armor 100k, HAHAHAHHAHAH dude your funny. It's 600k in the shop.
  5. I personally love it, it's hilarious. The stronbad e-mails rock, and the latest song he made is hilarious. Anyway if you havn't been there before then please go there first and check it all out, then vote.
  6. Empty Vials

    Ummm just buying is alot better, it's only 10gp.
  7. Buying/selling items!!

    Ya talk about someone who can't read, btw hotsauce change your avatar NOW!!!! Many people find that offensive. (not me but many people do). Also no one will pay 700k for a tit chain.
  8. Earn 10k plat

    Sooo essentially your just paying em 1mil more then reg price.
  9. Do you like HomeStarRunner.com

    ya, he bugs me too.
  10. Do you like HomeStarRunner.com

    canned bread is better
  11. Do you like HomeStarRunner.com

    Hmmm now lookin back your right lol
  12. Price is 1.2mil each. Please post here then message me ingame.
  13. Selling Titanium Serpent Swords

    I accidently double posted, I didn't mean to.
  14. Selling tit serps

    Sooooo, ya buy?
  15. name rules

    Hey I think we need some name rules, cause it gets very annoying seeing people named like dice1948. I can see it now, you go to Gym class, hey dice1948! what's up? We need rules like no numbers in names, no names like jhsnknnfsjn. And people who currently don't comply to the rules should have a chance to change their name and for sayyyy 2 weeks it will show their new name and their old one on the left so people know who their old friends are now.
  16. Selling tit serps

    Hmmmm how does 1.2mil sound?
  17. Nederlander si teh banned

    Haha what a idiot, even my Grandma said that guy was stupid.
  18. Read first.

    Thanks bro, now I can get some good laughs at the idiots that got banned
  19. Hehe ya that would be very nice, (btw odd that before i even read your message i thought purple would be a great color for it) essepecially for when you let us summon stuff like goblins
  20. Entropy you really need to think about this, it would be a GREAT idea. As it is White Stone City is the biggest city there is, yet it is one of if not the least busy city. VOTD one of the smallest if not the smallest is one of the busiest if not the busiest. So why not bring some business to all the poor merchants in wsc esccepcially that nice magic lady. This would make buying essences much better and just plain even out the game . I say stick a troll in it, it's done!
  21. ~*Buying Steel Bars/*~

    Hey, I would like to buy sayyyyy 160 steel bars, post here and then messge me in game if you sell (might buy more)
  22. ~*Buying Steel Bars/*~

    Papa that was EXTREMELY rude. Please don't just but in on my post like that.
  23. Corpus Opis

    Well unless GoN disbans I will stick with GoN though I have great respect for CO
  24. Corpus Opis

    Sirkillalot when you get in see if you can hook CO and us GoN people up into a non aggresive agreement. btw raz I wouldn't be callin the guys in CO newbs, that's one of the dumbest moves you can make in this game.
  25. can my clan get a loan? :)

    Ummm maybe 20-25%