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  1. fleeing combat

    Ummm, you talking about me?
  2. Defense experience

    What's that supposed to mean......
  3. fleeing combat

    Ahah! More clues to entropy's secret char!
  4. Selling fur related items

    How many beaver furs?
  5. selling doom cape

    Ummm, did you 50k plats? If so where ya wanna meet?
  6. selling doom cape

    Arggggg NO It's 15% chance to HIT something, not CRITICAL HIT something. Also Fighters cape is 10% chance to CRITICAL HIT something, not 15% chance to HIT something.
  7. Racism

    He needs to be banned, people like him are the ones who make this game bad *Yay happy 300th post, hmmmm wonder what I am now*
  8. Macroing and Cheeze

    Lol, don't these people understand exp caps?
  9. Buying beaver fur

    Post how many you have and your price here.
  10. selling doom cape

    It's a new item, only dropped by high level monsters and has a 1/1200 chance to drop. It is called the doom cape, it is black. Adds and extra 15% chance to hit something and anyone can wear it.
  11. fleeing combat

    Ya, the bug is back (I accidently clicked a med garg while trainin (can't kill meds without a weapon ) and I absolutely could not flee. Also i retested it many times on deer and same happened.
  12. Skill Balancing

    Ummm why do you ever want to get hungry? But guess waht just cause you don't WANT to get hungry doesn't mean you don't (but boy do you ever not want to when fasting ^_^)
  13. Skill Balancing

    Fasting makes you hungry, not make you stay at same. Trust me I fast once every year and it makes you HUNGRY.
  14. Holiday drops

    You have to be kidding me, how much more of a copy of rs can you get.
  15. Buying and Help

    I was hoping to stop calling you a idiot but I see again I must. Come on dude, people who can make serps don't need anymore exp (unless your frak:)) and if everyone will make you one for free out of your bars then everyone can just buy the bars and bam a tit serp for 130k
  16. "The eye of God is on us"

    Hehe my mom sent an e-mail to me witht his picture, NASA photographed this with the hubble space telescope and simply call it, The eye of God. Which btw I found ironic since most of them are evolutionists.
  17. Buying and Help

    I'll sell you a tit serp 1.4mil
  18. CHECK OUT THIS SITE!!11!!1

    Your gonna give someone a seasiour (i dunno how to spell it) that way.
  19. Moderation of pk contests

    True, but CO usually is holding the contests. Ya dude, only other time I know of that CO didn't hold one was today when alot of GoN and a few TMs held one. Hehe next moon and forve also came just to pk people who came
  20. Hey entropy I think we need a section where people can post pics and stuff of their pkes.
  21. Estimate

    You don't need a warning, IT'S AGAINST THE RULES! If you get pulled over for speeding the police officer won't say "well I'll give you a warning" no, he gives you a ticket. Same as in EL you don't get a warning, you get banned. Also the thing is, is that you can go to sleep and be gaining lots of harvesting exp while others have to be awake to.
  22. Selling tit serps

    I am now selling titanium serpent swords, please post here first then contact me in game.
  23. Selling tit serps

    I say all those idiots sellin serps low have goten to you.
  24. Buying/selling items!!

    no thats only 400k, which is VERY unreasonable.