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  1. Boomerange ain't crap! You ever seen LinK!
  2. For the creators of EL

    He never said click on the map, he said click ingame like where you see your char and hold. Anyway the map idea IS good. (In rs it was a saving grace in pking).
  3. Quartz Help...

    Quartz is horrible for making profit on, just sell cacti.
  4. POH have already been thoguht of and will probably be in p2p. There is actually still one left in portland that you can get if you pay 50 USD. Everything else though I utterly hate.
  5. Better Staffs?

    Ooorrr, they could make them like a drop only, and only from cyclopse. 1/2000 chance and trik would pay sayyyyyyyyyy 30mil for it (to keep the price from dropping below that).
  6. Better Staffs?

    I like the warriors' staves. Also they free up a spot for boots/pants.
  7. World Politics (Was: Beavers!!!)

    I think it was a great idea. It meant that rich players are actually spending their money. Also newbies are able to get money much easier, therefore helping stimulate the economy (such as serp swords ). Also in by my estimates, a month, the price will probably be around 1k instead of like 5k, and so making tit bars (my guild leader pays me 20k per tit bar ) will be best.
  8. I know one of my RL friends knows like all my passwords (cause their the same). But that's only cause we used to play rs together and sometimes would need to borrow stuff, also I know he doesn't care about EL so he wouildn't try to hack me.
  9. Again I tell you, beat the crap out of him. But I mean come on, what kind of a bro does that to you, that is just malicious.
  10. World Politics (Was: Beavers!!!)

    I'm really hisitant to say what I am about to say after the bad rap I have been getting, but, I feel I must. Stop your bitchin, this happens when people need thousands of beaver furs and ALOT of people are buying them. Also common price is about 5k now, not 1k.
  11. 5 million for free

    Darn, too late now
  12. And go beat the crap out of your brother.
  13. Player Names

    Amen to that brotha.
  14. Buying doom cape

    Hehe, well she already had a good down payment and at the point I was feeling like I was about to quit EL anyway so I didn't give a s**t