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  1. Valentine’s Hyerpbag Hunt!

    picture 18 You are in the Underworld. [99,70] (C2 underworld) 7 tigerlilly, 7 redrose, 7 asiatic white lilly ingame name: Addienne
  2. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hi all I would like to order 15k silver please pm me ingame to agree on price and terms. Thakyou!!
  3. PK Suggestions Thread.

    I pretty much like this ideea, but instead of high lvls i would put on middle lvls like 70 80 for harv and alch, but would require high nexus like inorganic 8-9 and for alching like magic nexus 8-9, just to be sure that one man cant get everything!
  4. PK suggestions- read it ent.

    too close to storage, easy peasy for mixers to mix without cooldown! yeh and what would that mean? mixers go there to mix, pkers come there to kill them, mixers get guildies as backup = let the huge pk massacre begin. ffs thats the point of it. you dont understand me, they will abuse that 5 sec time when they enter the area and they will eat with no cooldown and step outside to safe area and mix mix mix, than in again, and out , and so on. So no pk only a big crowdness at both entrace to that pk place.
  5. Vacation time

    Have nice vacation! In ce oras vii in romania?
  6. PK suggestions- read it ent.

    too close to storage, easy peasy for mixers to mix without cooldown!
  7. In-game references

    The best 2 was orasul curvelor and Pula's tavern:) rofl i still can't stop laughing
  8. Magical weapon

    Maybe better equip it, like any other wep, and attack monsters from range? still, the accuracy would suck I guess, but the damage could be huge... still, you'll need to take the "holy pin" out of the grenade to activate it and you need to read the paragraph of weapons to be able to use!
  9. In-game references

    Pe bune? Hmm.. nu eu i-am pus numele, dar nu cred ca vine de la asta. BTW, do you know the story of the Princess, the little dog? I'd post the link, but it is very, very bad. Povestea lui Rostogol am postat un link pentru tine!
  10. In-game references

    Rostogol stone. Povestea lui Rostogol, the little dog:)
  11. Moldable Shields

    nice ideea. here is the link for a very similar suggestion. click
  12. Positive Perk Removal Stones

    Is the same for the negative perks too, you get godless on low lvl put it on will or reasoning all lvl fast on low lvl items, read faster books, than when you are done with these you get save up 8 pp's than get rid of the godless. and same for the icd, you take it on low lvl get pp for what you would like to fight with animals and monsters, and when you get to a lvl where you need to mass train simply remove it! Maybe shouldent be for all the positive perks a removal stone, but I could tell some that is definatly would be a great ideea. Maybe make it that way that you need the removing stone and 20k x pp you get back, first you have to talk with the wraith and you choose which perk you want to remove and the stone and the money dissapears from your inv.
  13. Positive Perk Removal Stones

    Excelent ideea, i was wondering why they are not appearing on the market. I would like to see an excavator perk removal stone too!