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  1. name rules

    Even if you don't force people to change name, it may be good to let them the opportunity to do. When you first chose your name, do don't realy know what is the game about. So some people don't realy pick a name, they just write the first thing they think about. After, when they are no longuer newbies, when they know the game, they may regret it.
  2. What about adding more species in the game by organising a player conquest ? It is quiet simple to set up. We need a new NPC, the KING of the island. The king needs some minister : one for each skill. So every month, the player can concourse on each skill : the one would will win the fight tournement will bo minister of the war. The one you will harvest the most / most precious thing will be minister of agriculture. The one who summon the most moster will be the Summoning minister and so on. Each minister will receive a salary (a monthly salary divided by the number of hour he spend in the game). To let the low player level join, the king may also need 3 ministers for each skill : one that will have no skill higher than 20 (who will be a wise advisor for the low level people trouble) one that will have some skill between 20 and 40 and the last one, the real one, with on limitation. We can call them intendant - vis minister - minister. What do you think of it ?
  3. Why are the centaure to big ? They can have the same size than deer. Just take a deer, smog him to the death, you will get a strange baby, hafl deer, half human : the centaure. And don't tell me Deer are to big, they can go everywhere - even in the building when we sumon them inside -
  4. Well, I don't know if I should aks it here or in the general forum. Why are the people in a guild ? Any advantage ? Any duty ? Any party with a lot of wine ?
  5. Selling 100 white rabbit fur

    LOL ! I was thinking to sell them 1500 each, but even without the price, no one want them !!!
  6. Selling fur items

    And when two player try to sell at the same time, to can get it for 900 or 800...
  7. Selling 100 white rabbit fur

    They are first class white rabbit, no hole in it, clean with some special produc agains bug. Very first quality. You will love them. Any offer ?
  8. Deposit

    I read my own suggestion and I do not find it clear... I was speaking of the storage of course : what about offering the possibility to store all your staff at once ?
  9. Deposit

    What about adding an option to depose every thing in once ? Every thing in once, or every animal item, or every mineral...
  10. Well, I am playing for two week now, something like 5-10 hours a day, and I still wear the same clothes... I would like to clean them once in a wild (understand : change my looking). I also find the number of color a bit low. I like dark blue and purpel, but they was nothink for me. Is there anything like new cloth / changing cloth that is planned ?
  11. I fully agree. Even for fighting, there is no team work. It could be fun to be associate to kill a monster that is to hight for you, but with friends. 3 newbies together on a deer, medium level player on the beer...
  12. Idea's for New Economy.

    Well, the xp can be as fast a now for manu. Instead of getting xp for making a sword, we will get xp for making 1% of hte sword. I realy like the idea.
  13. Storage limitation?

    Oups, I am doom and disslexik : I write portland, I mean Whitestone...
  14. Storage limitation?

    Sorry, I mean : Well, there is no storage in portland, I find it surprising. It will help the newbies that does not explore the all map yet. Is there any raison to not have a storage in portland ? Is it plan in the futur develloppement ?
  15. Ok, this game is great... But there are still some strange thing in it. I know every one will desagree with the subject, but here is the problem : I decided (like a lot of people) to work on my manufacture. So I have to kill rabbit. I went in a rabbit place. 4 huge barbarian (one with shield and sword) was allready there, taking care of all the rabbit. So I kill some rabbit, I make some gloves and I increase my skill. Takes me quite a long time to get level 6. Then I change my mind : I decide to sell cactus. in 3 minutes, I harverst 82 cactus and I sell them for 4100. So in 60 minutes, I get 82000. After that, I buy rabbit fur. I offer 125 each, I buy them very easely, since most of the people offer 100. So I get 656 rabbit fur. and I increase my manufacture skill. Now, I can do the same for magic or alchimie. I think this is a problem, that I will resume in one sentence : What ever you want to work on, the most efficiant solution is : harvrest cactus !