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  1. finnerlorn

    Yep, it seems, from your log, like he was trying to get a DB, but I'll ask him, I'm pretty sure he'll be honest, or at least I can get his father to speak with him about it, I doubt he could lie to him outright ;D I'll let you guys know. Lum
  2. finnerlorn

    Hi, Lumino here, GM of ALoA. First off, I want to say that I apologize for anything buttswife may have lost in this encounter, we will gladly make it up to you, within reason. Finnerlorn lives in Germany, thus his broken English, and may have been confused--still, the evidence is relatively strong against him, so I will be having a talk with him to determine what went on and what his punishment, if any, will be. Again, I apologize for any harm we caused, ALoA is not a guild of troublemakers, and I have known Finnerlorn, his father, robindell, and his brother, pking, to be of excellent character in the past. Finn can be a bit excitable and impatient, so I would chalk this incident up to something like that, but again I really have no idea. Let's not turn this into a flame war, please. In summary--sorry for what happened, please give me time to investigate, and we can discuss it. Thanks again -Lum
  3. Quick-draw Archery Tournament

    I havent been to any of these so far, but I just want to say--awesome job. This looks like a LOT of fun, it's a really creative and interesting way to use arrows. It's really testing reflexes more than anything, which is cool! Hopefully Ill make it to one sometime Keep up the good work spleen Lum
  4. Create note

    Sorry to resurface an old thread...but I think this is a FANTASTIC idea. I can't tell you how many times I've wished this was possible and daydreamed about all the cool things you could do with it...writing letters would be GREAT, making treasure hunts with real clues in hyperbags would be cool, handing out little newspaper type leaflets or dropping them all over a map as advertisements, the possibilities go on and on. I know that the game devs have tons of things to work on. But I seriously think this should be made a priority. It is so worth it. Of course, I'm not sure what the technical costs are... I'm not sure about the signature thing, then you can't write anonymous notes But maybe, each note could have an "ID" or something, a number you can tell a mod so they can lookup the author. Of course, that means all notes must be cached in a database, which is no good...perhaps notes expire after 2 weeks, and are removed from the database. The ink "wears off" the paper or something. But then, it wouldn't be possible to leave a note for someone to find in a few years Ok, either way. I think it's a great idea and should be seriously considered. I'd love to see it in game.
  5. An Apology to the EL Party-goers

    I think that your play will go over well, even though I've seen it twice I'll make sure to drop in and view it sometime And the vid was great, I loved how you used EL music! Plus the ending was perfectly timed
  6. EL 5th Birthday Bash Final Details

    So, it didn't go perfectly. The play and fireworks got screwed up. But I had SO much fun! We had 350 guests. WOW. Thats incredible. Our goal was 250--you guys blew it through the roof and made this the biggest event in EL, size-wise, ever! We had over 1 million gc of prizes, which was great! The lottery pot hit 600k :/ And the winners were picked. Contact someone on the Board if you still need prizes. We will draw for doorprizes and post the results tomorrow. Post your pics/comments here! -Lum
  7. EL 5th Birthday Bash Final Details

    GUYS! I just got a very threatening message from Selain! Apparently, he is in a foul mood and he is angry at us for celebrating the party tomorrow. He told me to cancel the event or he would ruin it! We can't do that, but since he is the god of summoning, we can expect that he might attack the castle during the event; bring your weapons/armor to the event just in case! For those who don't like to fight, we will construct a safe area to keep you safe. If you do like to fight though, prepare to protect those who don't! Also... That all depends. Check here: http://el-ces.110mb.com/lottery.html Also, expect a LOT of smaller events not mentioned above to occur, in addition to the Epic Challenge that will be for the prize of the full black dragon armor. On that note, with the donation of this armor, our prize fund for the event now totals OVER 1 MILLION GC! So there's bound to be something in it for you if you come. Plus, it will be a LOT of fun, with something for everyone Tell all your friends! Buy lottery tickets! Take screenies! See you there -Lum
  8. It's Coming Time To Celebrate! Can You Say Party?

    I share in Ferny's excitement about this excellent donation, get your wits sharpened for the epic contest coming to win the armor! This puts our total prize fund over one million gc. THANK YOU COMMUNITY! Looking forward to the event A new thread will be posted today with final details for everyone who wants to see it all in one place. -Lum
  9. It's Coming Time To Celebrate! Can You Say Party?

    The raffle pot is now over 50k. Buy tickets! Only 50 gc each. And, go here to learn the exact rules of the lottery. Ignorance is not an excuse: http://el-ces.110mb.com/lottery.html
  10. It's Coming Time To Celebrate! Can You Say Party?

    Cool See you there Sorry you'll be missing it...maybe next year Oh, but you can still buy raffle tickets
  11. Random Resize

    Just happened again...I dont think Im hitting anything...its not awful, but a bit annoying. Ill see if it keeps happening.
  12. Random Resize

    Yes, I meant at a random time. Could be that, but no other application to my knowledge was doing that, and as Cyprom says, when it does happen EL just minimizes, never resizes. Not really an issue, just thought I'd put it out there...
  13. It's Coming Time To Celebrate! Can You Say Party?

    We can discuss it, Valcaz, but I dont want to inconvenience you, youre already doing us an enormous favor. Remember, everyone, tomorrow is EL's real birthday, and Friday is Super Spam Day--tell EVERYONE you know about the event, advertise in local, etc Looking forward to the event... And, it will be at 6 PM GMT, probably. 90% chance of this, I doubt it will change. Lum
  14. Random Resize

    I was just playing EL normally, when this server message appeared suddenly on the log: Window size adjusted to 990x720 And then my window size adjusted. No clue why this happened, didn't even have options open, haven't tinkered with my resolution settings, or any settings for that matter, in a while. Thoughts? Thanks, Lum
  15. It's Coming Time To Celebrate! Can You Say Party?

    Sorry for the double post but... we got a HUGE influx of SRs donated--lol! And now we have waaay more than enough. Thanks so much guys, this community rocks! So we dont need anymore of those now Anything else we can still use. Lum