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  1. RakThul, dazed by all the weird crap that just happened, decides to take matters into his own hands. He grabs Tumaros and wields him as a giant elf club. His first swing beans Aerowind in the head and tosses him and his ice cream-eating habit out of the building. He then makes another swing and clocks jojomama89 square in the chest, knocking him into 007. And since two of the same person can't occupy the same space in the same time, they let out a horrible scream as their essence winks out in a blast of oblivion.


    RakThul, now having fun, gives a couple of great heaves and tosses Tumaros clear across EL until he lands at the feet of Frukas.


    "Ahh, fresh meat!" Frukas says. "Why don't we go out behind the barn and I can show you my fork sonny!" All Tumaros can do is wimper.....


    As RakThul looks around at the rubble, he hears a grunt from a wierd-looking dwarf and then a scream and pattering feet! OOF! Something runs into RakThul....it is QueenEmber!! All RakThul does is smile and let out a long, terrible series of deep laughter! *Cue Megadeth (doesn't matter what song, just cue it dammit!)*


    RakThul grabs the Queen and binds her with uber tough titanium chains and tosses her into a horse-drawn cart that magically appears out of nowhere! "Where to now?" Rakthul thinks to himself.....

  2. omg is my right to play and how ent says every1 deserve a second chance but not a 3 one ....all the shit i did is not ilegal in the game iway :huh:


    Cicero called you a moron huh? Shoulda been more like idiotic, brainless, MORONIC baffoon (with just a hint of 2-year-old thrown in for good measure.) :( Just keep your mouth shut for a little while and maybe things will go your way, although by the looks of it you're running out of time!


    I just wish kids would stop doing this...it makes it so difficult to have fun on a quality game when so many people wanna screw with the game and it's players. If you're banned for good, well, I don't think I'd grieve for you! B)

  3. *rakthul aspldoes from ice cream*


    Taking advantage of the fact that Spock can't spell, RakThul quickly loses his Aerowind disguise and steps over the remains of the original Aerowind, being careful not to slip on the blood and ice cream. RakThul then pulls out his super-duper uber tough Ice Maul and knocks Spock back into the Next Generation, where he makes several appearances and lives a rather dismal life because he lost his ears! :shock: *cue sappy, stupid, heartbreaking music*


    RakThul then tries to figure out where the hell he is and why the hell he is eating ice cream there...all the while keeping an eye out for the elusive QueenEmber and the eternal --E. Irritated, RakThul destroys the entire scene in which he was just in and brings himself back to the original scene with him carrying QueenEmber (limply) in his arms, preparing to deliver her to his master, Cicero (wherever the hell he is.... :roll: ) RakThul, eyes ablaze with the need for the eternal --E and his lust for blood, runs through the lands of EL, hoping no one notices him or the lump on his shoulders..... *cue Metallica's "Frantic" song*

  4. Suddenly, QueenEmber's thoughts are shattered by screams of panic and despair....the Queens chamber doors burst open, leaving QueenEmber buried in a pile of splinters. When the Queen looks up, she gazes in horror at the site. It is RakThul, a Two-edged Thermal Titanium sword in one hand (on loan from Entropy!) and Ant_3's head in the other! The aura of magic is still visible around RakThul and his eyes burn with a dark, cold fire! *cue cheesy "Fright Night" scary music*


    RakThul says not one word, only walks over to the Queen, tossing Ant_3's head onto the bed...


    "I will have that --E...and your soul" RakThul booms with a toothy grin...


    RakThul then points his sword at the window and shouts "BURST"!!!


    The whole side of QueenEmber's bedroom erupts into a fiery ball of glass shards, wood splinters and rubble. Looking sheepishly at his sword, RakThul ponders "GEEZ, Ent didn't say it was THAT strong"!!! RakThul then grabs the precious --E and throws QueenEmber over his shoulder, determined to make QueenEmber a minion of his master's (Cicero's) guild, DOOM, and eternal slave to him....*Insert Megadeth music, loudly*

  5. Unbeknownst to 007, RakThul was hiding in the background, pretending to be a chair. *cue spiffy music*


    RakThul leaps from his hiding place, bounds off 3 different walls and clubs 007 in the back of the head with his spork, knocking the hero unconcious! *cue dangerous music*


    RakThul then grabs Queen Ember and takes her to Isla Prima, forcing her to heal every single Ant that appears! :twisted:



  6. Yes, please go and post your comments! We are always looking for ways to improve our guild and we are always recruiting! C'mon over and talk with us! We are very friendly and we all have a great time together! :D:P


    See you there! 8)





  7. Uhhh, why not join the Crusaders? Seriously!! It is a great guild with great people who do great things!!!! :shock:


    Ok, so I may be a little biased, but still, join us!! No worries about little guild spats or anything!! PM bolanlongpants or SirDan and let them know!!! You like us, you know it!!!!! :D:D



  8. OMFG !!!!

    I won !!!

    ... i never win anything...you guys sure you didn't make a mistake? :)


    Nope, we don't make mistakes!!! :wink: :D


    hee hee hee *dances around the campfire at beam*

    :shock:  :shock:  :shock:  

    :D  :D  :D


    Don't fall in!!!!! :shock: :shock: :D




    Keep up-to-date with DOOM for more exciting events, or join us! We're always looking for good, solid players to join us!! Become a minion today! :wink: