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  1. Character control

    Isn't macroing illegal ? And if it's illegal... isn't that a confession ? Bal
  2. You know yoy play EL too much when...

    - Your shirt / pants / boots fall in rags as you step on a small spider. - You try to rotate the camera to see behind furniture without moving there. - Your house is full of raw materials, ores, flowers, tools. - You always and only sit cross legged. - Your normal reaction upon seeing a rat is to kill it and keep the tail. - While tending your garden, you suddenly find yourself teleported in your neibour yard. - You try to heal wounded people at a distance. - You plan a trip in the Himalaya because you're convinced you can take on the yeti all by yourself.
  3. Death Message

    By that, you mean that it is intended that there are ones 111 instead of !s ? Bal.
  4. Tankel

    When the recycling center gets in EL and there is a determined set of materials for recycling x piece of equipment, upon failing, Tankel could at least give back the equivalent "recycled elements" of the broken equipment since you pay him for the repair (at least you can get back home with your scrapped junk)... Bal.
  5. Coal is much faster to harvest than diamonds, and it would give engineering xp using only easily harvestable ingreds (ess + coal + tool)... that's enough motivation for me making them Bal.
  6. Day Ideas

    Actually, you did get a reply... http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=33376 Bal.
  7. That would make a good low level engineering task, providing a new way to make diamonds. These diamonds could also be used for sandpaper, another low level engineering item, and air ess could be used for some interediate and advanced engineering items, thus creating a larger demand for them. Bal.
  8. It might be interesting to know how much of those quantities belong to ppl who's accounts have been inactive for more than 60 days, 100 days, 360 days... That way, we'd also have an idea of the quantity of "potentially available" items instead of old and dusty storages. Bal.
  9. An addition to #sto

    Since the storage at store NPC is already sorted in categories, maybe it's not that hard to do. It's a great idea, but it depends on the priorities list Bal.
  10. Calling all manufacturers!

    What if, instead of dropping manuable items, the monsters would drop an equivalent amout of money ? So, for example, if you hit your 1/xxxx chance of getting the rare drop, you get 30kgc (something like that) instead of a tit cuisse. The non-manuable items (books, for example) would stay as they are now. Then, fighters would have the money to buy (without changing the worth of drops they get), and there would be less manuables on market, providing better opportunity for mixers. The fighters would become consumers instead of flea markets. Bal.
  11. Day Ideas

    Creatures on strike day : Desc : Monsters and animals are kind of groggy and bored today. They need a break and won't even notice what happens around them. Effect : Monsters will ignore everybody (like if everybody has MM), but players can still attack them. Bal
  12. Day Ideas

    An easy solution for the brown day would be to double or triple the rec level for all harvests, so that for mostly anybody, harvesting will be possible, but so slow it will be discouraging. Bal
  13. The messages dissapear as fast as they do now, but when there is (for example if you set it to 2) 2 lines left, they stay there until something new appears that make it 3 lines. Then the oldest line dissapears after the usual 5 seconds, leaving the two newest lines, that don't dissapear until something new appears. And since you can set the # of lines, you can set it to 0 and have the actual behaviour... Or maybe the "dying time" could be set so that the user can set the time to something longer than the actual 5 seconds. Bal.
  14. Yes, but F1 covers the whole screen, and you still have to click or press something to see the last messages. What i'd like is not to have to click something to see the messages, thus the #lines stay alive feature... Bal
  15. Hi, since I always have to click on "View all" to see the messages that dissapear too fast, i was wondering if there could be a client option so that you can set a number of lines that stay on the top of screen instead of making them all dissapear at (5 seconds?) intervals : If #lines > set# Collapse next line as usual each 5 seconds Else % #lines <= set# Leave on screen Bal