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  1. Bot expiration

    hi radu, how much to reinstate my bot sallos my apologies for lost track on payments
  2. Whiterhino stolen by the drtys

    EL don't equip with protection plan
  3. Time to say goodbye

    Farewell bro
  4. Scammed Asclepius char issue.

    Nice one Stouxy! You saved the day!
  5. Harvesting Tutorial

    It suppose not to let you harvest on 3:00 hour...
  6. Grape Finder?

    Since we have pear finders, why not a grape finder too? Work similar as the pear finder.
  7. Buying/Selling

    Sallos is located in Portland [224,113] Selling item_name_______________________________amount______price___ Treasure finder 125 40.0 gcsold Hellspawn removal 3 450.0 gcsold Ring of White Stone 39 130.0 gc Bronze Sword 3 10000.0 gc Polished Sapphire 1919 18.0 gcsold Physique Removal Stone 2 10000.0 gc Gatherer Medallion 5 9500.0 gc Inorganic Removal Stone 1 950000.0 gcsold Serpent Stone 1 9300.0 gc Orange 1 10000.0 gcsold Invasion Token 3 11500.0 gc True Sight Potion 135 60.0 gcsold Life Essence 1492 5.0 gcsold Bones 2780 2.0 gcsold Death Essence 1995 14.0 gc Daily cooldown reducer 8 34500gc Vitality Removal Stone 1 67000gc Golden Star Mace 1 3500gc ___________________________________________________________________ Buying item_name_______________________________amount______price___ potion of extra mana 88 380.0 gc enriched death 10 3700.0 gc binding stone 2 23000.0 gcbought
  8. Buying/Selling

    i tried it didnt work the way it was built....
  9. Buying/Selling

    I'm only posting here what my bot have since he in private server which he's not on bot sites..... go see Sallos the bot he's in in Portland [224,113]
  10. Atomos Serper beware!

    Watch out from Atomos he'll serps you! Here when he showed up didn't say hi or nothing Then here he come serping me here is chat logs
  11. very old players

    Heh... I'm still here. Been playing before the game crashed old lost toon was DarkLordDiablo and gotten erased from the crash so I would probably say been playing EL about 10 years
  12. Stealth Game

    Just finished building an video game you can download it from my google drive and try them out and what you guys think? If it pretty cool then I could continue building more games Window: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-52fx2EuFOCT2ZNQy1VMTVpbXc/view Mac OS X: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-52fx2EuFOCMzlTQlUzalpVaGs/view?usp=sharing Linux: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-52fx2EuFOCZ0htMlFMbng4aGM/view Map Layout of the game and Instructions is down here well enjoy and good luck too! P.S. it pretty hard lol
  13. Stealth Game

    Ok wizzy just noticed that few ppl had contacted me and only errors there is from linux users.... apparently i forgot to make them work on linux so right now am rebuilding it will update the post
  14. Stealth Game

    They're made to work on window, mac and linux
  15. martiniuos banned

    Maybe they knows who you are or something doesnt bother wasting time on you?
  16. Can't connect to server :(

    hi just woke up went to log in n then everyone grued at sto and then me now trying to connect cant connect.... are we going through this before again?
  17. Can't connect to server :(

    now it working....
  18. Latest Android client (14/10/2013)

    I have KindleFire tablet was hoping if possible to mix also? I know I can chat, go diff maps, storage access, harvest.....
  19. Which was your biggest project ever?

    this my 2nd time doing this project alone 100 gatherer medallions and the ings for it try looking it up
  20. Crash?

    man was just in instance...
  21. Buying Skeptic Removal Stone

    Buying 1 skeptic removal stone my offer is 320k if acceptable pm me in-game DarkDiablo
  22. just a consideration

    Your property? Hmm that's not what I read in the reports.... And no DoctorRx did not tell me this
  23. just a consideration

    I been hearing rumors you still steal. And i wonders, do criminal ever change? I believe it depends on the nature of the crime. Now there are some criminals that break the law out of necessity and others the take pleasure in doing things that others would find barbaric. What separates the people that could turn a new leaf and the criminals that are criminals for life are a few factors. 1) Their background/ upbringing, 2) Whether they've sustained any injury to the brain, 3) and their exposure to people (i just made that last one up, i don't really think its an important factor). Now there have been some reports, studies, and books written about the effects of brain damage on violent crimes and most say just about the same thing. In order for a person to be a constant hindrance to society that person must have some kind of brain dysfunction (if the crimes are heinous) or have an abusive upbringing (for the less, but still pretty bad crimes like burglarizing). Those people are most likely to be repeat offenders (or whatever they're called); the ones that fit under the "once a crook always a crook" category. The others I mentioned at the beginning, the ones with a conscience, are less likely to break the law.
  24. Crash?

    http://imgur.com/mWmMfeR when it crashed
  25. Crash?

    It crashed again! hope i didnt poof my rosto