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  1. As written in title. Pls see pic. In fact even COL is covered a bit with hair. It looks like this bug refers only to this specific kind of gnome, bald one. I've checked a gnome with glasses and long hair, but he looked ok. P.S. client ver 1.5.0
  2. My types: Orc couple in TG - Bonnie & Clyde Ogres in Melinis - The Dalton Brothers
  3. Empty Vials manuable and Mercury from Cinnabar

    IMO, you should use these tools only when stars are with you. Has anyone tried using them during good astro hours and recorded stats? I would be very interested in results.
  4. Guess the movie

    Blade Runner
  5. sto sale...

    1k srs pls
  6. Polska - Poland

    Wszędzie same zera Jak widze co sie dzieje w tym kraju to mi sie paszport w kieszeni otwiera
  7. Falcon summoning

    IMO birds are useless from training/pking point of view. But from RP point of view they are nice addition to the game
  8. "Market" value of EFE?

    6-7k? When i started playing EL they were 8k
  9. What was your first guild?

    IRON for 2 years and a half. Sometimes I'm in IFC, but its our sub guild
  10. Bandana's!

    Ok, but i bought it 10 minutes after update
  11. Bandana's!

    Sorry, but i was the first Got mine on Sunday bandana crown Here chat log: [21:26:55] radu wants to trade with you. Use the trade icon then click on him/her in order to accept the trade. [21:26:56] Gruby_Mietek: hi [21:26:58] You stopped harvesting. [21:27:28] Gruby_Mietek: black bandana and gold crown [21:28:06] You have been saved! [21:28:09] Gruby_Mietek: thank you [21:28:12] radu: ty [21:28:38] Gruby_Mietek: btw was i the first? [21:28:43] radu: and only
  12. Buying NMT for 230k

    As in title. Post here or pm me ingame (Gruby_Mietek)
  13. New test PRE RC client

    No crashes for me, but perforamce is poor. On normal client, no matter what i do, i always have 60 fps (+-1). Just like my screen refresh rate. On eye candy client fps varies. On open space its still 60, but in more populated areas ( i checked pl and wsc storage) it drops to ~35 fps. I also change perspective to 0.80 and rate camera. On normal client i still got 60 fps, on eye candy it dropped to ~30 fps. My PC: Athlon 64 X2 4200 GeForce 7900 GT 512M DDR3 1G RAM DDR2 WinXP Pro x64 Edition Video mode: 1680x1050x32
  14. free internet? :o

  15. Polska - Poland

    Z tego co wiem, to leader price jest w Polsce od dawna
  16. Alchemy

    Alchemy 115? So many clicks, so much time mix button seen, its a horror , some1 hug me before i get nightmares eMPi Thats why mice've got scrollers. They were invented to make EL alchemists's life easier
  17. Special stones

    While reading this thread i got 2 teleports, 2 MN and 1 radon pouch, but no stones. Ohh i was harvesting coal
  18. No Drop Day

    almost 6 hours in kf and havn't seen a single brod \o/
  19. Polska - Poland

    Ja nie nabijam i dobrze mi z tym -1
  20. Polska - Poland

    piwo tyskie wodka wyborowa i zoladkowa gorzka z mieta drin Godfather (amaretto z whisky) wino lesny dzban - goraco polecam clicky
  21. Polska - Poland

    o czym? Liczę na Waszą pomysłowosc moze o wyborach, proponuje zaczac od tego
  22. Total guilds war

    I've got 1 concern connected to trade bots. They could be easy targets. Guilds that have such bots rather wouldn't use war commands not to lose the stuff bots hold. Atm i see 2 solutions. 1. Divide bots in two categories (guard and non-guard) and make non-guards immune to any physical or magical attack. 2. All bots cannot be attacked on non-pk maps. (Guard bots are pk map)
  23. Polska - Poland

    To jest perwersja :S To jest karalne
  24. Total war between guilds

    Guys, for total war, TWO guilds have to set enemy, NOT one
  25. Polska - Poland

    Ent ma zly dzien