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  1. AQ test for hardcore EL-players

    I got 20.... but does it boost if you're on... say... a quiz bowl team or summat?
  2. The Drama of Reality

    Ana, I'm in the same boat, 'cept I'm 16. The worst is when you're on the forensics team bus late at night and it's cold and half the people are sleeping and spooning with one another and the other half (predominately the geekier, smartier, and more phsycotic people) are discussing the finer points of giving head, orgy experiances they've never had, and who on the bus they'd nail. However it's fun because they are some extremely virginal and religious girls on the team and it's fun to make them shriek. :twisted: Ah theatre.....
  3. Where Are We?

    Jeni Hellum Lansing, Michigan Hold it in Michigan for that matter! Whoo... go Rak and Aerowind!
  4. The Drama of Reality

    Woooowwww... that was so beautiful. I'm going to have to print that out and take it to my drama group.... Man... I wish high school was like that.... junior year's gonna blow.
  5. Show a pic of yourself!

    It was such an awesome show. Once in a lifetime, I've got a couple other good picks from when our Enjolras was playing around with the stage blood, and one of M. Thenardier with the tooth black. The first night we used it, he and I had a contest of who could make their teeth look the most disgusting. I also should upload the whore pics... I'll get around to it. The other fun was funkying ourselves up, rolling in dirt, splotching ourselves with dust make-up, rubbing conditioner into our hair to make it greasy, tearing our costumes to shreads. It was a lot of fun, especially since I was head make-up supervisor. It made putting the chain-gang chest brands on fun. :wink: Thanks Rak.
  6. Show a pic of yourself!

    Okay Okay, I got it... This is me, Colfenna everyone. This is, I assure you, NOT how I look irl. I was in my full Madame Thenardier mode in Les Miserables... naturally... I am the female... http://img78.photobucket.com/albums/v283/M...Picture_091.jpg[/url]
  7. Show a pic of yourself!

    Well... that didn't work...
  8. Show a pic of yourself!

  9. Show a pic of yourself!

    Oh dear... how do I do this... I've got the pic in my files but how do I... I'M INEPT!!!!
  10. Show a pic of yourself!

    Well... I suppose you all get to see a pic of me... unfortunately the bloody scanner's busted so I'm gonna have to look through the pics from *gulp* the school musical... Who wants to see Colfenna as Madame Thenardier in Les Miserables?
  11. Buying Quarterstaff

    I'm in the market to buy a quarterstaff 30-35 plats, price is negotiable.
  12. New server bug reports!

    Well, some are..
  13. New server bug reports!

    The boat to WS from IP doesn't work. We're all stranded.
  14. Greatest Rock Song Ever

    I've gotta say stairway- I mean, it's an awesome song, awesome play, it's practically legendary. Every cast party I go to, that's the last song of the night. Though I have to admit, the first time I heard Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Child it blew my mind.
  15. Does Queen Suck

    But as easy as it is to make nice burns at them, I can't help but bow down and worship Jumping Jack Flash, Start Me Up, Ruby Tuesday, and, of course, Sympathy for the Devil. Damn I love that song, GN'R cover and all.
  16. Does Queen Suck

    Which one do you think has bigger lips? And don't even get started on Keith Richards. Ah, but those guys have a reason, how old are they again?
  17. Does Queen Suck

    Queen is one of the greatest bands ever! (Not the greatest, only the Beatles or Zeppelin could take that post.) But Bohemian Rhapsody!! Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the few songs that every single person in the room will, or attempt to, sing. (Believe me, it's not easy to get an ENTIRE make-up room of high-school mis-mash to agree to a genre, let alone a single song.)
  18. Seling noob items..........

    I'll take the boot, I'm Colfenna with 20/20/20.
  19. Magic Bug

    This isn't the first time I've reported this, but, for the past few months I haven't been able to try or begin working on my magic skill because of a glitch. I try casting Heal and it says that I can't because my karma level is at -1000 in red letters. Is this my system glitch or what?
  20. Magic Bug

    Okie Doke, thanks Entropy.
  21. Tavern group forming

    Even though I'm not guild-legal I'm forming a small group for after the server change. This group'll meet in Portland's Wooden Corner Tavern and then, after drinking ( ) a bit, we'll all go monster hunting. This group is open to everybody, newbie, intermediate, and advanced. PM Colfenna in game for any info.
  22. selling leather pants (unlimited number

    In-game name Colfenna, one order please Hosan.
  23. Weel, I've found a nice place to look for stuff like this is mythology sites. I personally like www.pantheon.org. Well, anyhue, here are my ideas. Nagans: from hindi mythology and a werewolf RPG book. A race of part person, part snakes. It could be interesting, snake tails, human torse and a mixture head. Satyrs- We all know, I'm just listing the ideas. Undine: From teutonic mythology. Water beings. Mostly human with fish and seal attributes. Ah well, can't thing of anymore at the moment.... *ponders.*
  24. The ever-elusive titanium mines

    I know they're in Portland, but whereabout?
  25. The ever-elusive titanium mines

    Screw that, I'll just stick with silver thank you very much. (I haven't even done my goblin thing yet.....)